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May Monthly News

Welcome to the May edition of the monthly news! 

Still under lockdown. 🤷

Mother's Day came and went. Just as uneventful as Easter.
I worked, does that count?

I got my first vaccination on the 21st! I received the Pfizer vaccine. Wasn't bad at all. I got a sore arm, mild headache and felt tired. For being a diabetic with severe allergies, I was surprised. Hope my second dose in September goes as smoothly.

We also (silently) celebrated Victoria Day. Since the government opened things up a little bit, we went to my aunt and uncles for smoked meat, drinks and fun! 

I know it doesn't look like I read much, but I read review books that are not released yet, so they are not listed. Plus that Joe Hill book was a biggin'!! I have to admit, I am in a bit of a slump though due to the nice weather. Happens every year. Nice weather comes and I want to do more outdoor activities that are hard to read whilst doing said activities. Anyone else have this problem?? 

  1. Nos4a2 - Joe Hill (recommend)
  2. Take The Lead - Jessica Simpson (recommend)

YEARLY TOTAL: 🌼 18 Books 🌼 4 Movies🌼




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**This is a monthly digest post.


  1. I've been having more reading slumps than usual since Covid hit, but for the first time since 2014 I had a listening slump. I started The Invisible Husband Of Frick Island today and I think it's the perfect book to bring me out of it.

    Our libraries have been fully open for quite a while now. I've been going to the library since I was a kid and not being able to go was very tough for me.

    News Of The World is on my list to watch.

  2. I'm so glad you got your vaccine and that you were fine for the most part. Hope it stays the same with the 2nd dose as well!

  3. So glad your vaccine went well. I had absolutely no side effect to both (Pfizer). And I get shots in the right arm: as I use more that muscle, well, because I'm right handed, the pain is very minimal and disappears very quickly.
    Same here, when I'm on vacation, I do hiking ad birding, and don't really read. But at home, I listen to audioboks when I weed and garden.

    I see you have a list of money-making resources. Are these worth it? which of those would you recommend the most, for a book blogger?

    1. These money making resources are more to geared to Lifestyle blogs. Valued Voice is the best one, but it is mostly writing tweets or posts for the entertainment industry like tv shows and movies. None of them are book blogger related but I do encourage you to check out Swagbucks for your own benefit. You can gain money back for places you shop online, even if you use apps/sites like Skip The Dishes. You can accumulate points quickly and earn Amazon GC's back. I buy all books with that so it's a win-win. :-)
      Thanks for the info on your vaccines. I do feel at ease the more I hear of others' experiences.

  4. I'm the same! I love doing outdoor things when the sun is shining and then have no time to read, haha! Lovely wrap up, and yay for your first dose! I hope your second goes smoothly :)

  5. I always feel like big books should count as multiple reads. Congrats on your first dose and happy June!

  6. Sorry you had an uneventful Mother's Day (and Easter).

    It's interesting that you track a book of the year. Very brave! LOL!

    1. Such is life, but thank you! Just sucks not being able to spend it with my kids.

  7. Hopefully things will pick up for you soon in all areas. It is so nice to have so much behind us and getting back to normal.

  8. Glad to know you didn't suffer any adverse effects from the vaccine.


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