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December Monthly News

                     Welcome to the December edition of the monthly news!
This month was off to a bang! I won a ticket to stream The Wilderness and The Trews concert. Two really awesome Canadian bands! That was such a great time, although not hearing a crowd  and seeing the band between plexiglass was weird. Still, it was a great show!!
What's the best concert you have seen? What is the best prize you won from a radio station? Just curious!
I made my reading goal of 50, and then surpassed it with 66 total for the year!
Feel pretty good about that. Brain food at all....
This has been a terrible month for losing loved ones.
My aunt passed away on December 5th, and then a good friend and neighbor passed away on December 7th.
All right before my birthday.
Sent me into the biggest depression. Which I know is going to be extra hard to get out of with COVID restrictions and the way life is now.
Sometimes life just really sucks. Especially the death part.
We buried her on my birthday which really sucked.
My Uncle Andy gave my sister and I both lockets with her ashes. I treasure it greatly and haven't taken it off.
So yeah, I levelled up on the 10th. Level 44 now!! 
We had The Keg, takeaway. Still good. Drank some champagne and had a nice day. Considering...
My hubby went above and beyond to make me happy though. Thanks babe!
Christmas is a strange time. And now it will never be the same again.
Social distance visits to my family are fun... NOT. I hate not being able to hug and kiss my family. Sadly, I have 4 siblings and we are not in the same bubble. Porch visits and 6 ft talks were all we could do. Made me so sad. I hate COVID.
It didn't help that my Uncle Bob passed away on Christmas Day. 
All of those hugs that I wasn't able to get, I really needed more than ever.
He did not pass from COVID. His kidneys shut down.
Three people I love all passed in their sleep.
I tell you I can't wait for New Year's.... I just want 2020 to be over with already!
Although 2021 will probably bring alien invasions and super volcanoes...

Please be responsible and stay safe everyone! Life is shorter than you think. 🙏

  1. The Man Who Was Thursday by G.K. Chesterton
  2. Nine, Ten, Never Sleep Again by Willow Rose (recommend)
  3. The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate (recommend)
  4. Solo by Kwame Alexander (recommend)
  5. Swing by Kwame Alexander (recommend)
  6. One Of Us Is Next by Karen McManus
  7. Christmas At Harrington's by Melody Carlson (recommend)

YEARLY TOTAL: 66 Books 🎄 15 Movies 🎄 1 Product 🎄




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**This is a monthly digest post.


  1. Good job reaching your goal! I'm sorry to hear about all your losses. 2020 was unrelenting. I hope 2021 is much gentler on you and your family <3


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