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November Monthly News

 Welcome to the November edition of the monthly news!
I was off at the start of November. I went to work Halloween with a sore back and the next day, could barely walk. Turns out I have Sciatic Nerve issues.
Not fun at all.
At one point, that was the worst pain I've ever been through, and I had a child without meds! Sciatic pain is no joke and I don't wish it on anyone.
Have you ever had to deal with a pain like that?
COVID is on the rise again. Toronto has already been locked down and we're on a fast track right behind them now that we are in red restrictions.
I feel like the end is never gonna be in sight....
Christmas is kind of gonna suck this year, but better safe than sorry.

Stay safe everyone! 🙏

  1. The Family Next Door by John Glatt
  2. Bell Hammers by Lance Schaubert
  3. The Magic Misfits by Neil Patrick Harris (recommend)
  4. Slayer by Kiersten White (recommend)

YEARLY TOTAL: 59 Books 🏶 15 Movies 🏶 1 Product 🏶




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**This is a monthly digest post.



  1. I said a prayer asking for healing for your sciatica. I had a bout of that once and the pain was dreadful, as you said. At one point, I couldn't walk. So I relate to your pain. I should count up how many books I have read thus far this year, my guess is about the same as you.

  2. Sorry to hear about your troubles. I don't know what Sciatic Nerve issues are, but it does not sound good. I do hope there is a cure and that you will feel better soon. Yes, troubled times all over the world. This Christmas will be quite different. Just hope that next year will be better for all of us. Take care.

  3. I’m sorry about your pain issues. Dealing with ongoing pain is no fun. Down here in Massachusetts we are on the rise with COVID again as well. I believe the only state we can visit is Hawaii at this point.


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