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Teaser Tuesdays


"Yeah. Maybe I was so preoccupied with everything--you standing me up, and then going after all. But it was OK."

**No compensation was received for posting. Compensation will be earned if purchases are made from the links within. This post is part of a weekly meme.


  1. Wondering if it really was ok. Sounds like it wouldn't be to me. My Teaser

  2. I didn't get to a Teaser this week, but I will share a review.

  3. I am not sure everything really is okay either. This sounds interesting. You've got me curious!

  4. With that intriguing title, I went and looked up the synopsis. I think Pippa's story sounds good, will look forward to a review!

  5. She doesn't really sound like it was OK... But you did get me interested, Freda, great pick.
    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews


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