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#Giveaway: Fisher-Price Smart Stage Toy #HolidayGiftGuide2014

There’s good news for parents and children alike! Fisher-Price, Inc., the world’s largest infant and preschool toy manufacturer and a subsidiary of Mattel, Inc., is releasing its newest, most innovative toy collection ever! Introducing Laugh & Learn® Smart Stages™, a revolutionary learning technology that grows with your child for up to three years. The toys’ age appropriate content is user-controlled and can be adjusted to match your child’s development.  

Laugh & Learn Smart Stages incorporates three levels of programmable learning, offering babies the chance to grow and discover the world at their own pace. Created in consultation with early childhood learning experts, the toys reflect the philosophy that babies learn best by experiencing the world around them.

“Our Laugh & Learn Smart Stages line was inspired by many years of observing families with infants at home, where we saw babies’ natural curiosity for everyday objects, like phones, light switches and pots and pans,” says Dr. Deb Weber, senior manager of child research, Fisher-Price. “We also found that babies’ play patterns are made-up of contextual and digital learning, and that parents are looking for learning content to help their child grow and develop. This research and insight was our starting point for developing our unique Smart Stages technology.”

The new toy line includes seven products, including the Smart Stages Chair; Puppy’s Smart Stages Home; Puppy’s Smart Stages Train; Smart Stages Crawl Around Car; Smart Stages Laptop; Smart Stages Vacuum; and Smart Stages Mower – all designed to encourage experiential learning through active play.

Three-in-One: Smart Stages of Learning

Smart Stages technology features developmental play for little ones starting at six months, progressing all the way up to 36 months. Each toy is effectively three-toys-in-one.

“Babies go through three stages of learning in their early development phase – explore encourage, pretend,” says Dr. Weber. “These levels are reflected in Laugh & Learn Smart Stages – from Level One, where babies are exploring first words and sounds that spark their curiosity; to Level Two, where babies are encouraged and promoted through questions and simple direction; and Level Three, where babies are fully immersed in imaginative fun and early role-play.”

Introducing the Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Toys

The Laugh & Learn Smart Stages toy line was launched in Toronto on October 8 at an event featuring Canadian comedian, Gerry Dee, and Dr. Deb Weber.

Gerry Dee says, ““As a parent and former teacher, I truly believe in the importance of learning through play and I’m excited to introduce the new Smart Stages line by Fisher-Price. These toys are engaging, challenging and fun, and they interact with kids in a unique and dynamic way when they are at that critical development age.”

Smart Stages Chair – age 12 months+ ($49.99)
It’s baby’s very own special place to sit and discover new things! The “magic” ABC seat knows when baby sits and stands and includes more than 50 fresh songs, phrases, and sounds that match the child’s age and stage. It also features a light-up remote, a flipbook, and lift-up cushion that teaches baby about numbers, shapes, and more. Parents input child’s age and content updates automatically.

Puppy’s Smart Stages Home – age 6-36 months ($124.99)
A play house that’s just baby’s size! Explore two sides of play, a crawl-through doorway and interactive activities all around, including peek-a-boo window, checking for mail, ringing doorbell, and three computer buttons with learning content including greetings, colors, shapes and more. Parents input child’s age and content updates automatically.

Puppy’s Smart Stages Train – age 6-36 months ($44.99)
All aboard with Puppy, Monkey and Froggy! A motorized train that encourages crawling and has interactive activities, through three rattle characters - just the right size for baby’s hands, a light-up smokestack that plays learning songs, and five shape buttons on the side to introduce colors, numbers and more. Parents manually change the level for content updates.

Smart Stages Crawl Around Car – age 6-36 months ($64.99)
Put baby in the driver’s seat! The 2013 best-selling Crawl Around Car is back – but now with Smart Stages! Stationary design allows for all-around play and features physical activities that grow with baby from sit and play, to crawl, to stand and cruise, helping fuel physical development, interactive learning fun, and imaginative adventures. Parents manually change the level for content updates.
Smart Stages Laptop – age 6-36 months ($24.99)                                                           
Learning comes to life with this interactive Laptop! Baby can press nine keys or the toggle space bar to hear songs and phrases about letters, numbers, colors and more. Open and close the lid to hear opposites, too! Parents manually change the level for content updates.

Smart Stages Vacuum – age 12-36 months ($29.99)
It’s clean-up time – with a push-along Vacuum that encourages baby to learn through real-world role-play, and features three light-up shape buttons that help teach baby about colors, shapes and letters. Parents manually change the level for content updates.

Smart Stages Mower – age 12-26 months ($29.99)                                                         
Get out and mow that lawn with the push along Mower that engages with baby through creative role-play, and features a number slider, a turn gas cap, a pull lever, and a light-up face to interact with baby. Parents manually change the level for content updates.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages toys are available at all major Canadian retailers including: Toys R Us, Walmart, Target, Sears, Real Canadian Super Stores and For more information on Smart Stages, visit

About Fisher-Price
Fisher-Price, Inc., a subsidiary of Mattel, Inc. (NASDAQ: MAT) located in East Aurora, N.Y., is the leading brand of infant and preschool toys in the world. The company's legacy of high quality toys has enhanced early childhood development for more than 82 years. Some of the Company's best-known "classic" brands include Little People®, Power Wheels® and Imaginext®. Fisher-Price is also a leading developer of baby gear products (infant swings, bouncers, high chairs), as well as a wide array of character-based toys inspired by high quality children's programming such as Dora the Explorer™, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Thomas & Friends®.

The Company's website,, as well as its Facebook page, provide valuable information and resources to parents and grandparents around the world.

When I was a child, I had a lot of Fisher-Price toys. Hard to believe almost 40 years later some of those toys are still around, just improved. For instance, the vacuum. My Fisher-Price vacuum back in the day had things in it that popped in this dome thing, as you walked across the carpet. Now the vacuum of today lights up and interacts with the baby a little more realistically. Instead of being a toy for amusement, they have turned it into a toy that amuses and teaches!

Speaking of which, Fisher-Price has generously provided one of these great toys for one lucky reader. 
The Smart Stages mower. Valued at $29.99 and perfect for little ones aged 12-26 months.

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    I like the Shake and Beats Tambourine!

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    Lori R Jackson

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  9. Bailey Dexter Another great product that my grandson would love would be the Laugh & Learn™ Puppy & Friends Learning Table. There is so much for him to do on this, would be perfect too!

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  19. I visited Fisher Price and I learned more about their 3 stages. I like the yellow chair - I think my daughter would enjoy it too.


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