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Get to Know Author Karolyn James (With #Giveaway)

Karolyn James
Bestselling author in romance, western, coming of age, new adult, and erotica

Karolyn James is a bestselling romance author, selling over 100,000 ebooks spanning several genres.
Her rockstar-romance series, Brothers of Rock, has recently been extended through 2014 with five books following a new band, Fallen Tuesday. The original series following Chasing Cross is now available in the first five books.
Under the pen name Claire Charlins, Karolyn has topped the Western, Historical, and Contemporary Romance charts with the Mail Order Romance series.
Recently announced, Karolyn James is the author behind the bestselling Coming of Age and New Adult name, London Casey. Her The Boys of DownCrash trilogy is now available and look for an upcoming New Adult Romance trilogy coming Fall 2013!
Visit Karolyn on her site at Follow her on Twitter @KarolynWrites. She’s most active on her Facebook page at You can also stay up to date with Karolyn through her mailing list here –
Karolyn enjoys interacting with her readers, so be sure to contact her via Twitter, Facebook, her blog, or even email her at

- Karolyn James writing the Brothers of Rock series -

The Brothers of Rock series kicks off with five novels following the rock band, Chasing Cross. Each book is features a different band member as they deal with life on and off stage.

All Access – follows lead singer, Johnnie, and a decision he must make regarding the band and his career… and part of that decision does not include falling in love.

Broken Sound – tells the story of guitarist, Davey, after a woman shows up to his hotel room with a young child whom she claims is his. Davey’s past rockstar ways have come back to haunt him…

Bitter Farewell – takes guitarist, Danny, back home to where Chasing Cross formed. Band mates Danny and Johnnie are also brothers and their father has passed away. However, going back home is much harder for Danny than for the rest of the band. When Danny left all those years ago, he left the only woman he ever loved… and now he must face her again…

Buried Notes – begins with a secret from bassist, Chris… he’s married, and his band mates had no idea. When Chris receives divorce papers, he has to go back… literally back… to a time when Chasing Cross was just taking off and Chris found what he thought was love…

Last Song – In the final Chasing Cross book, shocking news comes from drummer, Rick. He’s leaving the band. After his personal and professional life hit rock bottom, Rick buys a house and is determined to start over. But starting over isn’t always easy, not when he meets a woman that captures his heart, yet he can’t stop thinking about Chasing Cross…

The Brothers of Rock series is going to continue in 2014 with a new band! Readers will have a chance to experience Fallen Tuesday come January 2014!

**Reviews for Brothers of Rock:

“Once again Karolyn James hits a home run. This series gets better and better as it goes along. I highly recommend this book and the whole series if you haven't read it yet. Will not disappoint” – Bitter Farewell

“This is a fun series to read. The characters are likeable and the storylines move along quickly. Can't wait for the next one in the series!” – Broken Sound

“I loved this book. It exceeded my expectations. I am hooked on these characters. I can't wait to read the next book in the series.” – All Access

Karolyn James Amazon Page:

- Karolyn James writing as Claire Charlins -

In the 1800’s, many men traveled west seeking opportunity. Some went to California in search of gold. Some settled in the Midwest and farmed land. What came next was that these men didn’t have women to marry. And the women who were east had their own troubles… many of them lost their husbands in the Civil War. It didn’t take long before women began to travel west for marriage. And thanks to small town publications matching men and women via letters, thus creating mail order bride services, women were able to seek opportunities west. But these opportunities sometimes came with heartache of their own…

West For Love – In the number one, bestselling Western ebook in the Kindle store, a young woman travels west to become a mother to an infant. She must become a mother to a baby that isn’t hers, while struggling with her own inability to conceive, and she must become a wife to a man who is hurt and distant.

Finding Love West – The next book in the Mail Order Romance series takes a young woman to Kansas where she falls in love with the brother of the man she’s set to marry. Once married she finds her world turned upside down when a man with a gun comes looking for debts to be paid.

A Marriage West – In the third book published, a young woman finds herself at a train depot in the heart of Kansas. There’s a problem…the man she’s suppose to marry doesn’t show. She’s then robbed of her money and left alone with the night coming. Then a stranger shows up and romance begins to flourish. But can she forget her morals and marry someone else when she hasn’t learned the true fate of the man she accepted the proposal from?

The Mail Order Romance is set to continue for the rest of 2013 and well into 2014! It’s also been announced that another Western Romance series will come from the Claire Charlins pen name!

**Reviews for Claire Charlins:

This book was fun to read. I found myself not wanting to put it down. – West For Love

Fast paced with twists and turns. I enjoyed it and couldn't put it down even when I couldn't stay awake. – Finding Love West

Claire Charlins Amazon Page:

- Karolyn James writing as London Casey -

In the bestselling New Adult romance, The Boys of DownCrash, the trilogy follows the personal life and love life of college rock band, DownCrash.

The Stronger, Safer Kind – The opening book puts Tripp and Scarlett in a whirlwind romance. Scarlett has feelings for bad boy, lead singer Tripp, but her best friend, Andy, also confesses his love for her. Scarlett is in the middle of a good-boy-bad-boy love triangle that puts romance to the ultimate test when both Scarlett and Tripp reveal deep, dark secrets about themselves.

Torn to Pieces – The next book follows drummer, Tatum, when he saves Maggie outside a DownCrash show. Their passion is instant and intense. Just when life feels perfect, Maggie’s old boyfriend shows up and bliss quickly turns violent.

Some Kind of Hell – In the final book, bassist, Logan, and Maggie’s roommate, Annie, hit it off, finally. But DownCrash is on the verge of a major record deal. That means more practices, more shows, and more touring. After tragedy strikes Logan, he must find a way to stand tall… but at the same time Annie has a secret of her own that could shatter Logan’s world, including DownCrash, for good…

After the announcement that Karolyn James is the author behind the London Casey name, it was announced that Fall 2013 will see a new New Adult Romance trilogy. The three working titles are:

  • The Upside of Being Let Down
  • The Downside of the Truth
  • The Other Side of Falling in Love

**Reviews for London Casey:

Read all 3 books in a week! Would wake up at four in the morning and start reading again. Never knew what was coming next. I laughed, I cried and I burned dinner ‘cause I was reading my book! I was sad to see it end ‘cause I knew it was the last book in the series. – Some Kind of Hell

Great read. I liked this one a little more than the first. I thought Tripp was sexy hot but after this I think Tatum might rival that!!! – Torn to Pieces

 The story of pain, conflict and the beginning of redemption. Tripp and Scarlett's relationship is difficult, they are two damaged souls. They are trying to cope with the hurt, each one in a different way. They find silence within each other and that is what they needed to start the healing ... Looking forward to the next book ... – The Stronger, Safer Kind

Now that I’m closing in on the fifth book in the Chasing Cross part of my Brothers of Rock series, I started going through the emails I received from readers and figured I would start answering some of the writing questions I receive about Brothers of Rock.

The fifth book will see the drummer from Chasing Cross, Rick, and his story after the ending to Buried Notes (Chasing Cross Book Four). I often get asked about my writing desk and environment. So… here are the top five things I need when writing:

  1. My big desk! I have a long desk and take up every possible inch it has to offer. Gives me room for my notebooks, laptop, iPad, notes, printouts, everything I need.
  2. My view! My desk is at a window the overlooks a mountain. Right now with the leaves changing it’s amazing. 
  3. My pictures! Yes, I have pictures. Of my family. Just a reminder why I write.
  4. My books! I always keep books handy for research while writing. I have to make sure the story works, right?
  5. My other books! The books I like to read that aren’t by me. When I break from writing, I read.

Now, how about my top five scenes from the Brothers of Rock series featuring Chasing Cross? (I’m picking a scene from each book…)

  1. I LOVE when Johnnie and Jess meet the first time. She doesn’t know who he is and he’s instantly intrigued by it. It’s innocent but with so much passion underlying.
  2. When Davey gets a chance to finally protect Annie from her past. It’s a scary scene but the purpose is romantic.
  3. I get written about this all the time… when Danny crashes through the fence on his bike… because it’s not the crash but where he crashes. ;)
  4. I LOVE going back in time in Buried Notes to see Chasing Cross as they were breaking big.
  5. This isn’t released yet… but for me, writing the final scene between Chasing Cross and Final Tuesday. It’s that ‘passing the torch’ moment that will continue the Brothers of Rock series.

Before I go I just wanted to say thank you to all the readers out there. They are amazing for what they do – they read! All those who have purchased one of my books… you keep my dream alive. And, of course, all the authors and bloggers I’m honored to spend time with. Thanks for all the support!


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