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Get to Know Author Anita Clenney

Please help me welcome Anita Clenney, author of Awaken the Highland Warrior.

Here is her bio:
Anita Clenney grew up an avid reader, devouring Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books before moving on to mysteries and romance. After working as a secretary, a Realtor, teacher’s assistant, booking agent for Aztec Fire Dancers, and a brief stint in a pickle factory (picture Lucy and Ethel--lasted half a day)…she realized she'd missed the fork in the road that led to her destiny. Now she spends her days writing mysteries and paranormal romantic suspense about Secret Warriors, Ancient Evil and Destined Love. Anita lives in suburban Virginia, outside Washington DC, with her husband and two kids. You can learn more about her writing at

1. Please tell readers about your current book.
Mis-adventurous historian Bree Kirkland discovers a 19th century Scottish warrior buried in a crypt behind her house. But Faelan, the warrior, isn’t dead. When he awakes, he has no choice but accept the help of this modern-day woman who’s rescued him, but she’s more fearsome than the demon trying to kill him. If he’s not careful, she’ll uncover every secret his clan has bled and died to protect.
The attraction between Faelan and Bree is instantaneous, and for a good reason, but so is the frustration, because they’re from vastly different cultures. Faelan can’t fathom a female being so bold and rash. The woman attracts danger like a bloody magnet. And she won’t let him protect her; he, a renowned warrior since before she was born. If he could drive that bloody thing she called a car, he’d toss her over his shoulder and get her away from her house before the demon who locked him up comes looking for him.
Bree feels something for Faelan that goes way beyond attraction, frighteningly so, but on the other hand she’s ready to stick him back in the time vault if he doesn’t stop with this over protective nonsense. It’s not the 19th century, for God’s sake, and he’s treating her like a child. Women are tough and independent. But after she finds out what has this big, bad warrior so worried, she’s glad to have all that muscle close by. And she’d give her pinkie toe to get her hands on that talisman hanging around his neck.

2. Who or what inspires your writing?
I have a very vivid imagination and I have fascinating dreams. Reading and watching movies can help. For instance, while watching the latest Harry Potter, ideas for the third book in my series just started leaping from the screen. They weren’t even relevant to the movie, but something in the tone of the movie sparked my imagination. I got more than my money’s worth for that movie.

3. When did you know you would be a writer?
Not until a few years ago. I was an avid reader, but didn’t consider writing until after a particularly good reading jaunt, when I decided I wanted to write a story my way.

4. How long did it take you to write your first novel?
That’s hard to answer. I started one story and six months later started another. When I got an agent, she looked at the two and said the second one was what I needed to concentrate on. I did, and I honed my writing skills on the book. It took me about three years on and off to get it where I wanted it. Then I realized the first book I’d started was perfect for the second book in the series. I had to adapt it to a paranormal. So short answer, on and off for three years.

5. What is the hardest part of writing for you?
Getting the story to start flowing on the page like it is in my head. I can stumble over that for a long while.

6. Do you have any writing rituals?
No. I’m not disciplined. I write like a maniac when I’m motivated and not nearly enough when I’m not.

7. Have you written anything else?
I have three books in this secret warrior series. I’m writing the third one now. I’m also writing a cozy mystery series. I have several partials from early on that I’ll never have time to look at again.
Here are blurbs from the second two books in the warrior series.
When the powerful demon that left Shay for dead discovers her empty grave, he comes seeking retribution, believing she possesses an ancient book he has sought for centuries. Knowing she can’t fight the demon alone, Shay returns to her clan and the Scottish Warrior who betrayed her…the only man she’s ever loved, where she discovers that betrayal isn’t always what it seems. Sometimes it’s far worse.
A talisman belonging to Tavis Connor’s brother is the only weapon powerful enough to kill the demon hell-bent on stealing the clan’s Book of Battles so he can destroy the world. But the talisman has been locked in a time vault with Tavis’s brother and won’t open for 150 years. In desperation, the Scottish warrior breaks the clan’s sacred rules and uses another time vault to travel forward so he can protect the book and rescue his brother, or if he’s dead, finish his quest. But when Tavis finally wakes in modern-day New York, he discovers he’s the one in need of help. Anna MacKinley has been searching for her clan’s Book of Battles which has been missing for 150 years, but instead she finds a warrior with no memories who claims he’s come to save the world.

8. Any advice to aspiring writers?
Write a book that would knock your socks off as a reader. Learn everything you can about the craft of writing, but don’t judge yourself by another writer’s journey. This business isn’t one size fits all. It depends not just on talent, but a whole lot of luck.

9. Who is your favorite Author?
Diana Gabaldon is one of my favorites. So is Janet Evanovich, Kristan Higgins, Elizabeth Peters, just to name a few.

10. What is your favorite book?
I couldn’t narrow it down to one, but I loved the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon.

11. What are you currently reading?
Dance With the Devil by Sherrilyn Kenyon and The Earl of Darkness by Alix Rickloff.

12. How do readers find out more about you?
I love hearing from readers. You can find me at the places listed here. Also, on my website readers can sign up to receive my newsletter for updates.


I’ve had so much fun writing these hunky secret warriors and the strong women who keep them in line. I hope readers will love them too. I’ll leave you with an excerpt from Awaken the Highland Warrior in stores now. Embrace the Highland Warrior is also available for pre-order.
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Historian Bree Kirkland has always been in love with the past, but when she accidentally wakes an ancient Scottish warrior who's spent the past 150 years sleeping in her backyard, her present is suddenly fraught with danger. Faelan has awakened from the time vault hungry and horny. He grieves for his lost family, wondering who sent the woman to wake him. If she's a demon, Faelan will have to kill her. If she's innocent, she's unleashed the gates of hell in her backyard. Either way they must rely on each other to save their future.

Paperback: 448 pages
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN: 9781402251238
Purchase at Amazon


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