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Cardio Workout to Burn Fat

This is workout that targets burning fat by doing short cardio intervals mixed with strength exercises. The workout targets full body and you get at the same time aerobic workout and full body workoyt

Cardio Workout with Strength Exercises consist of 3 circuits each 6 exercises. The length of workout is following:
warm up - 4 minutes
cardio workout - 25 minutes
stretching: 7 minutes

Workout is instantly downloaded to your PC or Mac and you can immediate use it. Don't procrastinate, start your workout routine right now, it is just 20 minutes of your life and you will be slimmer and healthier.


My Opinion:
Normally for these types of reviews I take photos, but working out and snapping shots doesn't work.
I'm glad I couldn't take pictures though. I had a great work out, and felt really good after. I was sweating and breathing hard at most points, but it was a good feeling.
Being a Type 2 Diabetic I have to live an active lifestyle, and especially keep my circulation in my legs good. This cardio work out was just the thing I needed to get me going. I am slender and fit, but I still felt that burn in a few areas that don't normally get used.
The only slight downfall for me was the lack of the ab area. Having had two children I especially like to keep my abs toned and defined. My abs didn't really get the work out, but my rear, arms and legs sure did.
And my heart most definitely is appreciative.
So all-in-all a good 35 minutes of my life, that I will continue to do daily, along with my ab routine.


Recommend? DEFINITELY!!!

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  1. nice ... I couldn't follow along because of my back

  2. Thank you for your review, I glad you like it. Just to clarify about ab exercises. Abs exercises are not the best thing if you want to tone abs and the only thing you do is to build abdominal muscles, but this doesn't mean you get flat, toned stomach. All type of jumps actually do the best job for abs and this cardio workout has many of them, so this workout is good for abs too. I know that you think doing abs exercises will help you, but in order to have flat stomach you need to do all body, complex exercises, so you get much challenge. Isolated abs exercises don't help at all.

  3. interesting note on abs from rumiana.


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