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Q Is For Quiet

My hubby calls the the noise police. I like my quiet time that much.
I hate when the tv is too loud, or sirens and car alarms are going crazy.
I prefer the calm quiet sounds of nothingness.

Even Bjork likes it quiet. Enough so, she sang a song:

So what do you prefer? Quiet calm or Noisy nature?

~All opinions are my own. Video from YouTube and owned by Bjork.~



  1. I am SO SO SO with you. I love quiet. I find it odd that quiet unnerves some people. Great song choice too.

  2. Hi Freda,
    I like peace and quiet myself. But that's a little hard to find now a days. Since the twins were born. Have a great day!

    Just Books

  3. Hey Freda! It depends on what mood I am in or if I have a headache. LOl

    If I am writing, I don't mind background noise, as long as it is kept a reasonable volume that does not pull me out of what I am doing.

    I work in the City which is loud all the time. There are the rare moments, say on a Monday night where all is quiet.

    When I come home, my neighborhood is so quiet and peaceful that I immediately relax.

    So for me I think I have to factor in mood and atmosphere.

  4. I don't mind noise, except when it's too loud. I find myself turning down the TV or radio just a couple notches fairly often.

  5. I love Summers background noise in the country or a relaxing rest with the background noise of the ocean.
    I have a hard time with complete quiet.Great post for 'Q'.
    We do get some weird and quirky Spring weather in the Atlantic Provinces.

    Kathy at Oak Lawn Images

  6. I like it quiet--but not too quiet. :) Soft instrumental music playing in the background might help me when i'm writing a scene, but often i keep it quiet when i'm editing.

  7. It all depends on my mood and what the noise is. I don't like the TV playing but music in the background is fine. When I'm working outside I'm always wearing headphones listening to music.

  8. Cool video. It depends on my mood and the circumstance. Over all I prefer calm quiet, but there are good times for noisiness as well.

    Tossing It Out


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