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I Is For Italy/Italian

I have a fascination for all things Italian. So much so, I have been with a handsome Italian man for more than 10 years. Vince is my soul mate.

I am very close to his family too. Which can be unusual for in-laws.

My mother-in-law was on the phone, with my sister-in-law who lives in Texas. She is not miserable or mean, she was caught off guard.
Here is my sister-in-law and kids.

We don't get to see them as often as we wish, but being in Canada is too far for weekend visits.
The hubby's family comes from Bari, Italy.

We eat a lot of cuisine that they used to make in the old country, as they call it.
My in-laws even taught me how to properly make sauce on Sundays.

Hubby says he can't tell the difference from his mom's now, after all these years, but would never own up to it if I told her.
There's just something about this part of the world that appeals to me. Maybe it's the fact the country is shaped like a boot, and we all know how I have a massive shoe fetish. Could have something to do with it?!

Well one day, when the hubby gets back in the plant, I hope to holiday in Italy. See where my fascination lies.

~All opinions are my own. Some photos are mine. One that are not are credited.~



  1. Funny, I almost used Italian as my "I" post, too!

  2. Hi Freda,
    Very nice looking family. Love the picture of you and your hubby, very cute couple. Have a great day!

    Just Books

  3. Your family looks lovely! (And that food looks tasty. :D)

  4. Your man is very handsome.

    I love all things pasta. All things pasta.

    You have a lovely family Freda.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  5. You have a lovely family. I'm close with my in-laws too. It's nice because my mom died when I was a kid and my father isn't around.

  6. Although I was born of Scottish presbyterian stock I am Italian. It has been a great source of pain for me to be a closeted Italian and although I could change my gender if I needed to - I cannot, alas, alack, change my heritage. Why why why I moan, and rent my clothing (told ya I was Italian!) but no one answers. They (my family of origin) just mutter and whisper 'Jan's getting weird again - jeez'
    Jan Morrison

  7. I'm sure there are many things about the Italian culture and people that are appealing. I have lived for awhile in Mexico and for most of my adult life in Brazil and I love the culture of both. I'm sure I'd love Italy, too. Your pictures were great.


  8. Great photos of your lovely family. Maybe in the near future you will get the chance to travel to Italy.

    While there are no Italians any where in my family tree I still have a fascination for the history of the country (maybe it is the boot fetish!).

  9. I visited Italy some years ago and fell in love with the food and with Lake Garda!


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