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G Is For Ground

As I sit munching on a Black Forest Ham, Swiss and Dijon sangwheech (sandwich) as my father-in-law says, I wonder how to talk about this subject.
When you walk down the street, do you stare straight ahead or look at the ground before you?
I always watch the ground.
I'm not hanging my head in shame, or have no confidence, on the contrary, I am merely watching my step due to my Olive Oyl syndrome. I am a accident prone.
Sometimes I see interesting things on the ground. Like this snake hole, in the middle of Gage Park here in Hamilton, I spotted while walking with my son and Ewok.

I wondered what the little guy living inside looked like, and if he was sleeping or just waiting for us to pass by.
Plus you see the start of Spring all around.

The thing is all the plants and seedlings look sick, because Mother Nature is menopausal and doesn't know whether to quit snowing and warm up or not.
I hope she has had her fun with us, and the warm weather is on route, but who am I kidding?! Anything can happen! Like Surviving 3 natural disasters on your honeymoon. Did anyone else read that news??? Crazy right?!
So lastly when I think of things on or in the ground, I am instantly reminded of my loved ones that are in it. Buried and gone, but never forgotten, like my cousin Billy. One of my favorite cousins', since we shared a love of Elvis.

November 13, 1993.
A day I will never forget as long as I live.
My cousin was killed in front of my home by a drunk driver and his friend, who were still drinking after a 48 hour binge.
They hit my cousin, just turned 30, just married, 2 small kids, at over 100 miles an hour. He was in a pick up truck, they in a car. He died instantly. They both lived with minor injuries.
I still have nightmares all these years later.
The drunk got a year less a day, for vehicular manslaughter.


~All opinions are my own. All photos are mine.~



  1. Hi Freda,
    Very nice "G" post. I am of same thinking, mother nature is having a terrible time deciding if it's winter or spring. Sorry for you loss of your cousin. I've not lost anyone by a drunk driver, I think the sentencing should be much higher for this. Have a great day!

    Just Books

  2. Freda, a very thought-provoking post. It is very sad how many lives drunk drivers take and how many of them come through unharmed. Not that I wish harm on them, but it is awful that it is the innocent who are injured or killed. I'm so sorry for you loss.


  3. How don't know how those two men, particularly the driver, live with the knowledge that they killed someone senselessly. ;(

  4. I'm sorry to hear about your cousin. We've had friends killed the same way and it leaves you shaking your head, wondering what people could be thinking--or not thinking as the case may be.

    I usually look straight ahead, but if something catches my eye I'll look toward the ground.

    We're talking about goat's soap today at so I hope you'll stop by.

  5. That is so sad about your cousin and also bad that you witnessed the incident. When will people learn that drinking and driving is not cool and can cost lives.

    I'm always looking at the ground and everything else when I walk, never know when a good photo op might pop up.


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