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E Is For Elvis

I was a year old when The King died.

Doesn't stop me from thinking Elvis is the bee's knees.

My favorite thing I have is my Bradford Exchange Sneakers. Never worn. Are you crazy?!
Since I was a child, he has been it for me. Remember when you're young and first dreaming about boys, some of you were dreaming about Johnny Depp, or if older, Cary Grant, but not me. I dreaming about Elvis, thinking Priscilla was the luckiest girl on Earth.
Didn't occur to me until later in life he was dead. That glitch didn't stand in the way of my childish fantasies. No, it did not.
Then this geeky kid from Canada on a pair of ice skates caught my attention. Wouldn't ya know his name is Elvis too!

Watching him glide across the ice on his skates, doing those axels so tight, with those wonderful spandex choices, elated me, naturally.
Then I remembered, there was only room for one Hunka Hunka Burning Love for me.

So there you have my freakish side out. Run if you will. Laugh if you must. I can take it. I'm old enough that when I embarrass myself now, I automatically switch feet.
I know some of you were hoping for Ewok to be the host of the theme, so I will add her lovely face for good measure.

Did you hug your Dad today?

~All opinions are my own. Most photos are mine. The ones that are not, are credited.~



  1. Great post! And I love your sneakers! Unfortunately, my Dad lives far enough away from me that I can't hug him today (and, actually, he's on vacation and even further away than usual)--BUT he & Mom plan to be here Saturday for their grandson's Eagle Court of Honor. There will be plenty of hugging going on then!

    Here's my Letter E:

  2. Awesome shoes.

    I love Elvis. I need to see Graceland soon.

  3. Hi Freda,
    Execellent choice for "E". I had a similar experience with Elvis myself. I still do. With all the imitators out there, there is still only one Elvis, no one can move those hips like he can. Have a great day!

    Just Books

  4. Oh, your photo of Elvis stopped me in my 'browsing' tracks and still makes my heart beat a little faster. You were 3 when he died. I'd just given birth to my 3rd daughter. Never did get to see him in person, being from small town Canada. The 'other' Elvis is also amazing.

    I found you with the ‘surprise me’ button. I’m a new follower of yours. I'd love to have you check out my take on the A to Z Challenge, comment and follow, if you'd like.
    Kathy at Oak Lawn Images

  5. Awwww Ewok is so adorable!!! I am saving the letter P for my dog...I can't wait :)
    My blog!

  6. I like that you stick to your one true hunk of burnin' burnin' love. I remember Elvis from being little too only he was quite alive and young then.
    I love the shoes but I'd wear them!
    And it would make me happier than I've been in two months if I could hug my daddio.
    Jan Morrison
    ps - thanks for being such a faithful reader during A to Zed (another geeky Canuck I'm afraid)

  7. Great post. We have an Elvis impersonator who goes to our church, but there is only one King.

    Ewok is so cute.

  8. Ewok is so darn cute!!! And Elvis, well, he will always be the king, won't he? :-)

  9. That Ewok would do it for me!

    My "E" post is on my site:

  10. I'm a little older than you and I remember the day I heard the news that Elvis had died, I was crushed. But we always have his music.

    Poor Ewok, you got upstaged by the King. But you are still a cutie.


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