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My Wishlist

1. The Season of Risks - Susan Hubbard (Book 3 in series)(GIFT From Velvet, Review posted HERE)
2. Dahanu Road - Anosh Irani
3. Immortal - Gillian Shields (Book 1 in series)
4. Incarceron - Catherine Fisher
5. WEREling - S. Feasey (Book 1 in series) (WON at Dark Faerie Tales)
6. Blankets - Craig Thompson
7. A Kiss in Time - Alex Flinn
8. Water Bound - Christine Feehan
9. Almost To Die For - Tate Hallaway
10. Children of the Dawnland - Kathleen O'Neal Gear & W. Michael Gear
11. Forgive My Fins - Tera Lynn Childs
12. The Wolf of Tebron - C.S. Lakin (Book 1 in series) (WON at Word Vessel)
13. Pearl in the Sand - Tessa Afshar
14. I Am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced - Nujood Ali & Delphine Minoui
15. The Summer of Skinny Dipping - Amanda Howells
16. Clockwork Angel - Cassandra Clare
17. Leviathan - Scott Westerfeld
18. Tyger Tyger - Kersten Hamilton (Book 1 in series)
19. Virals - Kathy Reichs
20. Then Came The Evening - Brian Hart
21. Wicked Lovely - Melissa Marr (Book 1 in series)
22. Monster High - Lisi Harrison
23. Stray - Rachel Vincent (Book 1 of 3)
24. The Gendarme - Mark Mustian
25. Smudge's Mark - Claudia Osmond
26. Falling - Christopher Pike
27. Toads and Diamonds - Heather Tomlinson
28. Never Look Away - Linwood Barclay
29. Shapeshifter - Holly Bennett
30. Zillah's Gift - Lois West Duffy
31. Escapades of a Romantically Challenged Me - Maya Jax
32. The Stumpwork Robe - Prue Batten
33. Forgotten - Melody Carlson
34. Dead Witch Walking - Kim Harrison (Book 1 in series)
35. The Blue Notebook - James A. Levine
36. Noah's Caslte - John Rowe Townsend
37. Twisted Tales Sleeping Beauty: Vampire Slayer - Maureen McGowan (Won, Review HERE)
38. Bird - Rita Murphy
39. Always the Baker, Never the Bride - Sandra D. Bricker (GOT FREE FROM AMAZON FOR KINDLE)
40. City of Veils - Zoë Ferraris
41. The Kneebone Boy - Ellen Potter (Book 1 in series)
42. Dark Song - Gail Giles
43. The Replacement - Brenna Yovanoff
44. Delirium - Lauren Oliver (WON at Escape In A Book, Review is posted HERE)
45. Me, Myself and Why - Mary Janice Davidson (Book 1 in series)
46. Lady Grace Mysteries: Assassin - Grace Cavendish (Book 1 0f 14)
47. Boys That Bite - Mari Mancusi (Book 1 in Blood Coven series)
48. Stake That! - Mari Mancusi (Book 2 in Blood Coven series)
49. Girls That Growl - Mari Mancusi (Book 3 in Blood Coven series)
50. The Things That Keep Us Here - Carla Buckley
51. Of Bees and Mist - Erick Setiawan
52. English Trifle: A Culinary Mystery - Josi S. Kilpack (Book 2 in series)
53. The Shifter - Janice Hardy (Book 1 in series)
54. Hunger - Jackie Morse Kessler (Book 1 in series)
55. Daughter of the Blood - Anne Bishop (Book 1 in series)
56. These Things Hidden - Heather Gudenkauf
57. Water for Elephants - Sara Gruen (SAW FILM, DIDN'T LIKE)
58. Petra: City in Stone - T.L. Higley (Book 1 in series)
59. The White Woman On The Green Bicycle – Monique Roffey
60. By Fire, By Water - Mitchell James Kaplan
61. Once in a Full Moon - Ellen Schreiber
62. The Lost Saint - Bree Despain (Book 2 in series) (Acquired for Nook, Review is HERE)
63. My Unfair Godmother - Janette Rallison
64. Afterlight - Elle Jasper (Book 1 in series)
65. The Witch's Daughter - Cade Merrill & Carol Ellis (Book 1 in series)
66. Academy 7 - Anne Osterlund
67. Apartment 16 - Adam Nevill
68. The Poison Diaries - Maryrose Wood
69. A Blue So Dark - Holly Schindler
70. Choker - Elizabeth Woods (ARC for review from Simon & Schuster, posted HERE)


  1. i haven't heard of this one before, it sounds good!

  2. i just looked up your wish book - An Ethical Vampire Novel ? cool. you can take this off your list. as i'm sending it your way for your blogoversary present ;-D cheers!

  3. hey, Happy Blogoversary girl!Hope for many happy years to come!

  4. Thank you everyone, but especially Velvet for the book. You rock chick! *mwah*

  5. Alright! Love your wish list...and of course the first one is on my own as well! It's a great series....
    Oh and IMMORTAL...yes, you must read it! The sequel comes out this month too! And WEREling, another good one... Looks like you have quite a few potential future reads to look forward too....
    (and happy blogversary!)

  6. Happy blogoversary!

  7. Incarceron - Catherine Fisher is also on my wish list!

  8. I have ordered a kiss in time and beastly!i cant wait read it.hope you will soon ;p

  9. Happy Bogoversary Freda!!

  10. Happy blogiversary, Freda! You have a terrific blog.

  11. Happy Blogoversary Freda!

    I have to admit I haven't heard of any of the books on your wish list. Many do sound intriguing, I will check them out.

  12. Happy Blogversary! Your book list has just given me a few new ideas!!! ; )

  13. I can't believe there are only 23 on it! Mine is so out of control. I hope you enjoy your next year blogging!

  14. Wow..That is a very great list!

  15. We've got a few in common: Clockwork Angel, which my library has on order; Tyger Tyger which I downloaded from NetGalley; The Gendarme I got last week; and I would love to get my hands on Forgive My Fins and The Wolf of Tebron!

  16. Interesting list! May your blog anniversary wishes comes true!

  17. Happy Blogoversary. That would be one big bill at the Barnes and Noble

  18. Hey! Thanks for stopping by and wishing me a Happy Birthday! I hope your daughter's day was awesome too!!

  19. Wow! Quite the list. Happy Blogiversary!

  20. Happy Blogoversary, I want to read Linwood B book also.

  21. Happy Blogaversary and wow what a list. How many lifetimes do you need for for that lot?

    Can I add something else to your list? It's quick, just a preview of my YA fantasy novel, 'Lethal Inheritance’ Ch 1 is on my blog. I’d love to know what you think of it.

  22. That's quite a list.
    I've never heard of any of them.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

  23. Clockwork Angel, Leviathan, Falling, and The Gendarme are also on my list! Happy Blogoversary!

    Julie @ Knitting and Sundries

  24. #10....I've read a few of their books...excellent.

  25. Does your reading wishlist include books you already own or is all of it still to be acquired?

  26. A great list! Congratulations on another year of blogging!


  27. I keep seeing books on your list that I want to check out.

  28. There are some books on your list that are on mine too! Happy blogoversary! :)

  29. A great looking wish list. I see a couple that I've read and a few that are on mine as well.

  30. That's quite the list! I have a pretty long list of books I would like to read too. Maybe I'll have time after Christmas :)

  31. So far I haven't read any of these, but I recognize a few.

  32. Ooh...I see some updates on here. I too just received a copy of THE SEASON OF RISKS. ^_^ Reading the last 20 pages of WERELING now (it's good!)...oh and goodness there are WAY too many others to match up here but looks like you've got some great titles listed there! Happy reading!

  33. #37 sounds interesting, I'm going to have to check that one out.

  34. There are a lot of books on your list that are new to me, and some that I've read and loved (like Water for Elephants).

  35. Freda,,,,congrats of finishing the challenge I hosted!

  36. You're not wishing for some books, you're wishing for a library! That's quite a list. I've only heard of 6 of these, but I guess I haven't been keeping up with books that well.

    Tossing It Out

  37. Every time I look at your wish list I see a couple that catch my eye. I'm going to have to add some of these to my list.


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