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March Monthly News

1. Life Lesson From A Horse Whisperer - Dr. Lew Sterrett
2. The Shack - William Paul Young (recommend)
3. Everyday Easy Chicken (cookbook)
4. Do It or Age Quickly - J.B. Berns
5. Saint Patrick - Jonathan Rogers
6. To Sin With A Scoundrel - Cara Elliott
7. Houseworks Revised - Cynthia Townley Ewer
8. The Rough Guide To The Beatles (3rd edition) - Chris Ingham (recommend)
9. Pocket Kama Sutra - Tracey Cox
10. Three Cups - Mark St. Germain (recommend)
11. Zan-Gah: A Prehistoric Adventure - Allan Richard Shickman (young adult)(recommend)
12. The Cook's Herb Garden - Jeff Cox & Marie-Pierre Moine (recommend)
13. Mastering the Art of French Cooking - Julia Child (cookbook) (recommend)
14. Gold Digger Nation - Hal Roback
15. Sons of Thunder - Susan May Warren (recommend)
16. Say You're One Of Them - Uwem Akpan (audiobook)
17. Raven Stole The Moon - Garth Stein (recommend)
18. Girl On Top - Nicole Williams
19. Around the World Cookbook - Abigail Johnson Dodge (children) (recommend)
20. Thicker Than Blood - C.J. Darlington (recommend)
21. The Spice Necklace - Ann Vanderhoof (cookbook)
22. The Weight Loss Plan for Beating Diabetes - Frederick J. Vagnini (cookbook)
23. A Touch of Scandal - Jennifer Haymore
24. Songbird Under a German Moon - Tricia Goyer
25. Eyewitness Travel Guides: Canada (recommend)
26. Zan-Gah and the Beautiful Country - Allan Richard Shickman (young adult) (recommend)
27. Rick & Bubba's Big Honkin' Book of Grub - Rick Burgess & Bill "Bubba" Bussey (cookbook)
28. Digital Photography An Introduction 3rd Edition - Tom Ang (recommend)

1. What's in a Bible - Phil Vischer (children)
2. Combating the Commandment of Confusion A Bibleman Live Adventure (children)

And Religious Material:
1. Devotions for Lent (Bible study)

Yearly total: 76 Books, 2 DVDS



Awards Received:

I received this From Me To You Award from Vicki;
I awarded it to:

I received this Blog Humane award from Marce at:
I did receive this previously, and re-awarded, so will decline forwarding this time. Thanks again for giving it to me. I really do appreciate it!

I received this award from Aleksandra at:
I also received this award in the not-so-distant past, and re-awarded. Thank so much for the award, it made my week!

Chill Baby Chill Wrap-Up Post;

Completed 2010 Romance Challenge.
Wrap-up post to come in December 2010.


  1. whoa...!i'm impressed! totally. i've read 38 books in 3 month and you just did in a month.woohoo..the only book i'm familiar is raven stole the moon.i'm so left behind. but i'm sure you have a great March!and received so many awards too! congratulations.. =)

    hope April will be much than that.

  2. Very good month. 28 books read that is fantastic. Hope April is as good or better.

  3. Wow, that's a lot of books in one month, very impressive. Congrats on the awards too.

  4. Congratulations on your month! Very impressive. 28 books is awesome!

    Thanks for stopping by Find the Time to Read. I hope you'll come back again soon!



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