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February Monthly News

1. The King and Dr. Nick-George Nichopoulos M.D.
2. A Note From An Old Acquaintance-Bill Walker (recommend)
3. Searching For Tina Turner-Jacqueline E. Luckett (recommend)
4. Get Financially Naked-Manisha Thankor & Sharon Kedar
5. The Italian Billionaire's Ruthless Revenge-Jacqueline Baird (recommend)
6. 100 Greatest Trips
7. How Things Work Encyclopedia (children's)
8. Life In The Wild (recommend)
9. Revolve 2010 (biblezine)
10. Once An Arafat Man-Tass Saada (HIGHLY recommend)
11. The choice-Suzanne Woods Fisher (recommend)
12. Cupidity-Hayley & Michael DiMarco
13. Living With Diabetes (recommend)
14. Explained Myths & Legends
15. Triangle of Deception-Haggai Carmon
16. Everyday Easy One-Pot (cookbook) (recommend)
17. O Siyam
18. Love Your Heart-Tim McGraw (children's) (recommend)
19. Better Than Lennon-John Cherry
20. The New Complete Guitarist
21. Punk
22. Eyewitness Companions: Architecture-Jonathan Glancey
23. All Things Hidden-Tricia Goyer (recommend)
24. Love Song - Richard Haffey (recommend)
25. Jordan - Susan Kearney
26. Soul Catcher - Leigh Bridger (recommend)

Yearly total: 48


I also want to pay special thanks to some blogs that awarded me. I have been given all of these awards before.
Lynnes Book Reviews
Gave me The Over The Top Award. Thank you.
Just One More Paragraph
Gave me The One Lovely Blog Award. Thank you.
Pine Cottage Books
Gave me The Happy 101 Award. Thank you.
The Crowded Leaf
Gave me The One Lovely Blog Award. Thank you.

There was 2 others I received that I lost. I am sorry I could not pay you a mention. I am regretful.

I also received The Prolific Blogger Award from Janet Ruth at Along The Way Blog
This was the only new award I received.
See post here;


  1. Congrats on your awards and for reading 48 books in February! That's very impressive. Keep up the good work.

    Hope you'll visit my my Sunday Salon

  2. The 48 books total is for the year. And thank you!

  3. WOW! You read a lot this month!

  4. Great month! I was shooting for the amount of books that you read, but didn't get there. I think I'm at 44 for the year-to-date so I'm happy with that.

    I have to finish Note From an Old Acquaintance and I really liked The Choice and Searching for Tina Turner too.

  5. I LOVED The Shack. I think everyone should read it :)

    You certainly did have quite the February. Makes me feel like I ought to stop typing and go read! Sheesh.

  6. Wow, great month!


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