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Giveaway: Just Let Me Lie Down

Book description: Kristin van Ogtrop knows she's lucky--fulfilling career, great husband, three healthy kids, and, depending on the hamster count, an impressive roster of pets. She also knows she is tired. Always. Using stories and insights from her own life, she provides a lexicon for the half-insane working mom. Anyone who has left a meeting to race to the Halloween parade immediately understands van Ogtrop's definition of "Kill the messenger" as "The action you must take in order to forget about the office for a time--that is, to remove your Blackberry/Treo/iPhone/whatever from your person and store it as far away as your neurotic self will allow." Filled with essays, lists, and resonant observations, JUST LET ME LIE DOWN establishes van Ogtrop as the Erma Bombeck of the new millennium. THANKS TO Anna & Hatchette Book Group, I HAVE 3 COPIES, OF THIS FABULOUS BOOK TO GIVE AWAY. HERE IS WHAT YOU NEED TO DO TO WIN A COPY! GIVEAWAY RULES: Mandatory: Comme

February Monthly News

BOOKS READ: 1. The King and Dr. Nick-George Nichopoulos M.D. 2. A Note From An Old Acquaintance-Bill Walker (recommend) 3. Searching For Tina Turner-Jacqueline E. Luckett (recommend) 4. Get Financially Naked-Manisha Thankor & Sharon Kedar 5. The Italian Billionaire's Ruthless Revenge-Jacqueline Baird (recommend) 6. 100 Greatest Trips 7. How Things Work Encyclopedia (children's) 8. Life In The Wild (recommend) 9. Revolve 2010 (biblezine) 10. Once An Arafat Man-Tass Saada (HIGHLY recommend) 11. The choice-Suzanne Woods Fisher (recommend) 12. Cupidity-Hayley & Michael DiMarco 13. Living With Diabetes (recommend) 14. Explained Myths & Legends 15. Triangle of Deception-Haggai Carmon 16. Everyday Easy One-Pot (cookbook) (recommend) 17. O Siyam 18. Love Your Heart-Tim McGraw (children's) (recommend) 19. Better Than Lennon-John Cherry 20. The New Complete Guitarist 21. Punk 22. Eyewitness Companions: Architecture-Jonathan Glancey 23. All Things H

Soul Catcher - Leigh Bridger (Deborah Smith)

Book Description: From the gothic eccentricity of Asheville, North Carolina to the terrifying recesses of the Appalachian wilderness, from modern demonology to ancient Cherokee mythology, Soul Catcher follows the tormented journey of folk artist Livia Belane, who has been stalked through many lives by a sadistic and vengeful demon. Livia and her loved ones, including her frontier-era soul-mate and husband, Ian, have never beaten the demon before. Now, in this life, he's found them again. Author Bio: Leigh Bridger/Deborah Smith an award-winning author and small press publisher, has sold more than 3 million books worldwide. Learn more at: or ©2009 My Review: If you like action-packed, thrilling horror fantasies, then you have to get a copy of this book! When I first started reading this book, I didn't appreciate the vulgarity, which continued throughout, but immediately was pulled into this story about the Soul Catcher

Jordan - Susan Kearney

Book Description: A DANGEROUS MISSION Vivianne Blackstone devotes herself to her career, putting her love life on hold. Her latest project is a spaceship designed to protect Earth from the deadly Tribes. But its engineer, the alluring Jordan McArthur, now threatens both her job and her wary heart . . . AN UNDENIABLE DESIRE Jordan's past goes back to King Arthur, and he must find the ancient artifact that can save the galaxy. Vivianne's ship is his best hope, but convincing the fiercely independent beauty won't be easy. Especially when the passion flaring between them burns through their defenses - and love is the last thing they need to survive. 5 Fun Facts About Book 1 Lucan: 5 Fun Facts About Book 2 Rion: ©2010 Author Bio: USA TODAY bestselling author Susan Kearney is a nativ

The Friday 56

Rules: * Grab the book nearest you. Right now. * Turn to page 56. * Find the fifth sentence. * Post that sentence (plus one or two others if you like) along with these instructions on your blog or (if you do not have your own blog) in the comments section of Page 56, Sentence 5: When his face compressed he looked like a jowly Pekingese.

Giveaway: A Touch Of Scandal

Book description: The last thing Garrett, Duke of Calton, expects to find while tracking his sworn enemy is the delectable, mysterious Kate. This beautiful servant girl rouses a longing the battle-scarred ex-soldier had never hoped to feel again. But when she turns out to be the sister of the man he seeks, he's convinced he's been betrayed. Kate knows her duty to her family, yet how can she ignore Garrett's powerful pull on her heart? Or the heady temptation of his stolen-and sizzling-kisses? Scandal has followed the duke since the war. Now the greatest shock of all is on its way-the one that can separate Garrett and Kate forever. THANKS TO Anna & Hatchette Book Group, I HAVE 5 COPIES, OF THIS FABULOUS BOOK TO GIVE AWAY. HERE IS WHAT YOU NEED TO DO TO WIN A COPY! GIVEAWAY RULES: Mandatory: Comment leaving a valid email address to enter. +1 bonus entry if you are/become a follower (MUST BE PUBLIC PROFILE) Leave a separate comment to count. +1 Tweet or blog and leave link

Love Song - Richard Haffey

Book Description: Abby and Jay Alfred are husband and wife, best of friends, residents of New York City in 1969. They are college professors and experts in the music of John Field and the writings of T.S. Eliot, respectively. When Abby falls mysteriously ill Jay transforms their apartment into a dynamic retreat for healing and recovery, much to the chagrin of his in-laws. Surrounded by a few close friends, aided by two committed doctors, and supported by their students and some newly met strangers, the couple struggles heroically to overcome the odds of fighting disease and the threat of legal interference with their preference for home care. Outside the tumultuous world of 1969 roils around them with the social unrest of anti-war protests, the corrupting influence of drugs, and the suspension of medical malpractice, while the baseball Mets pulse the city's beat toward a world championship and the Americans first set foot on the moon. But will they ever be able to get out again int


Hosted by: * Grab your current read. * Let the book fall open to a random page. * Share with us two (2) “teaser” sentences from that page, somewhere between lines 7 and 12. * You also need to share the title of the book that you’re getting your “teaser” from…that way people can have some great book recommendations if they like the teaser you’ve given. * Please avoid spoilers! My Teaser: Alessandra took her arm and fixed her with a searching look. "Has something else happened?" "N-no. Yes." She caught her breath. "No." ~Page 283, To Sin With A Scoundrel - Cara Elliott

All Things Hidden - Tricia Goyer (Surprise Twitter Giveaway)

Book Description: The past is brought to light... Charlotte is cleaning out the basement of Bedford Community Church when she comes across a tattered and yellowed newspaper article. The clipping, published more than a century ago, implicates her great-great-grandfather in the loss of funds intended to help finish building the church. Charlotte has heard stories about the incident through the years, but now it seems the past has come back to haunt her. Is it just her imagination or are people treating her differently now that they think she's descended from a crook? Will Charlotte be able to clear her family's name once and for all? Meanwhile, Sam is spending time with a new girl in town-and is keeping secrets from his grandparents about where they go. Christopher is trying to get an article published in the local paper, and Emily reluctantly partners with a foreign exchange student on a class project and eventually comes to see that they're not that different after all.

Seven Guidelines for Middle-Ground Communication

By Marty Babits, LCSW, BCD, Author of The Power of Middle Ground: A Couple's Guide to Renewing Your Relationship If you need help regulating and resolving conflict, these guidelines are for you. They can help you make difficult conversations productive, steer you and your partner away from destructive talk, and help you nurture an atmosphere of emotional safety. Adopting these guidelines, whenever pertinent, will safeguard the middle ground within your relationship: 1. Avoid generalizing and stereotyping. Do not generalize about your partner's moods. When you think you know how your partner feels, but don't stop to ask or listen, they'll often feel neglected and misunderstood. Rule of thumb: there is often a difference between how your partner feels and how you think they feel. Your partner's sense of emotional safety, as a result of generalizing, can become depleted. 2. Do not blurt responses. Do you identify with the following statement: "I didn&#

Eyewitness Companions: Architecture - Jonathan Glancey

Book Description: Explore the world's greatest buildings! Architecture is filled with amazing illustrations and photographs that take you to the heart of the world's landmark buildings. Get the opportunity to look beyond the facade. Examine materials and technology that shape buildings, and identify the key elements and decorative features of each architectural style. This is the best definitive visual guide on architecture; it covers 5,000 years of architectural design, style, and construction from airports to ziggurats. * Dissects architectural wonders inside and out * Includes palaces, great temples, cathedrals and towering modern skyscrapers ©2006 My Review: Fascinating information and photos from beginning to end. Touching on various types of architecture. There was so many favorites, and quite a few new places to me, showcased in this book. I appreciated the parts in the book most, that visually deconstructed our favorite landmarks. A beautifully written and illu


Book Description: The definitive story of punk—the music, the culture, the icons—now available in a compact paperback edition. Packed with interviews from the pioneers of punk, a dazzling photo archive, and features on the venues and memorabilia that helped define the generation, PUNK takes you behind the scenes of rock’s most irreverent genre. Includes interviews and photographs originally published in MOJO magazine, together with new specially photographed spreads on memorabilia. ©2008 My Review: For all Punk enthusiasts out there, this book is for you! I was floored when reading this book, at how much detail and effort was put into the making of it. Never mind the foreward is written by Blondie! I won`t even say I love this book, I`m sure you can tell that already! I will tell you, it was great to read and look at some of the best photographs I have seen from that era. You really need to get a copy, and take a trip down memory lane.... I remembered all the safety pins down the sides

The New Complete Guitarist

Book Description: Whether learning the simplest chords and choosing the first songs you want to play to learning more complex styles and advanced improvisation, The New Complete Guitarist is the easiest-to-follow reference for people just picking up a guitar. Including the most up-to-date fingering, chords, notes, scales, modes, and sequences, this is the only all-visual approach to learning all styles of the guitar ©2003 My Review: This is a fantastic book on guitars! It hits every topic, from who makes them, to what you can do with them. There is not much untouched in the book. I am impressed that this book can be used for beginners wanting to learn how to play guitar. It teaches you how to hold the guitar properly, how to strum, and where the chords are. It even teaches you some songs. This is a must-have for any music fanatic, or if you just wish to learn more about guitars. (5/5) ~I received a free copy from DK Canada. I was not compensated for my opinion.~

Better Than Lennon: The Music and Talent of Paul McCartney - John Cherry

Book Description: Beginning the night of February 9, 1964, John Cherry was a Beatle fan. The group provided the best of music until their breakup in 1970. As solo artists, each Beatle continued to provide excellent music. Cherry makes the case that Paul McCartney was the most successful Beatle and the most successful solo artist from the group. The comparison is appropriately made to John Lennon's work, both as a Beatle and solo artist. The book is an in-depth examination of McCartney and Lennon music based on their fan's preferences. It also compares their individual talents and presents the opinions of those that worked with them or closely followed their music. Author Bio: The author with his first book, a small part of a collection of Beatles and Wings keepsakes, and the backing of a portion of his collection of numerous pictures and posters. This is the second book from Cherry. His first, War On U.S. How Policies and People are Destroying Americ a, was released August of 2

The Friday 56

Rules: * Grab the book nearest you. Right now. * Turn to page 56. * Find the fifth sentence. * Post that sentence (plus one or two others if you like) along with these instructions on your blog or (if you do not have your own blog) in the comments section of Page 56, Sentence 5: Even with the attacks, the album contained a number of quality performances with the title track, "Oh Yoko," "Jealous Guy," and "Oh My Love."

Love Your Heart - Tim McGraw & Tom Douglas

Book Description: The second book in Tim McGraw’s My Little Girl series is a heartwarming story of a little girl’s selfless act of kindness. Tim McGraw and songwriter Tom Douglas once again join forces to write another book about the precocious Katie and her dad. Katie has many talents, but she wonders which one will win her school’s talent show. With the help of Dad and her faithful dog Palio, and after several amusing mishaps, Katie finally chooses one talent that includes Palio. But at the talent show, she decides to drop out of the contest to help her friend, showing kindness is the best talent of all. Katie’s proud dad reassures her that she did the best thing and that while he loves many things about her, he loves her heart most of all. ©2010 My Review: Not only does Tim McGraw write beautiful Country love songs, but now he also writes a childrens' books. With the same fashion as his music, it was beautifully depicted. I love how he used his own family to create the book. The


Book Description: There are many aboriginal stories about Transformation--stories danced at potlatches and passed down through generations, which still resonate today. Their themes continue speaking to the souls of contemporary Aboriginal people, but also to a wider audience. In this extraordinary book, a new generation of Aboriginal artists has created a stunning celebration of visual art--works that are transformative and portray a rich and flourishing culture, each in a unique and powerful way. ©2010 My Review: How can you not get into the spirit of the Olympics, cheering on your countrymen as well as your favorite athletes.... this book is Aboriginal Art inspired by the 2010 Olympics and Paralympic Winter games. Being a fellow Canadian, and also Aborigine, this was the perfect book for me. The illustrations and photos in this book are incredible. It showcases different aboriginal talent from all over Canada. Complete with summaries in both English and French. This is a fantastic bo

Kitchen Chat with Margaret McSweeney for Klaas Kids Foundation

"A mile a minute - that is how fast your child can disappear." Haunting and truthful words posted on the website for Klaas Kids. On Friday, February 19th, Margaret McSweeney will interview Marc Klaas, father of Polly Klaas who was kidnapped and murdered in 1993. As a legacy to his daughter, Marc founded to help stop crimes against children. Please tune in to Friday at 11:00 am CST! Here is an excerpt from Marc's journal that is posted online: "There is nothing that can prepare one for a murder trial. My family sits as the last few hours in Polly's life are dissected, analyzed, de-constructed, reconstructed, cross-referenced and compartmentalized. The constant assault on our sensibilities by horrible revelations that defy the principles of civilization seem overwhelming much of the time. It is impossible to withstand or rise above the continual dehumanizing facts that are revealed in a con

Everyday Easy One-Pot

Book Description: Everyday Easy: One Pot is a one-stop cooking resource for delicious stews, soups, chilis, etc. Six "recipe choosers" at the start of the book act as an instant reference for cooks in a hurry. A useful techniques section covers all the preparation methods you may need step-by-step. Icons with each recipe indicate serving proportions, prep. time, cooking time, and - where relevant - low fat, low GI, special equipment, and freezability. Other handy extras include: "Prepare Ahead" information and "Good With ..." tips. ©2009 My Review: I love this cookbook, and it is a favorite in my house now. I had not tried to cook with coconut milk before, so I didn't know what to expect, but it was worth it. It was so easy to make too. The prep was longer and harder than the actual cooking. Between the flavors and the smell, I couldn't wait to eat! It didn't disappoint! You know those times when you experiment with food and recipes

Real Time Web for Old Time Books: The Benefit of Social Media for Publisher and Authors

By Fauzia Burke Real Time Web was coined to describe online activities in real time -- from status updates on Facebook, to microblogging on Twitter to uploading photos and videos on other social media sites. With the ease of mobile devices like iPhones, this type of communication has grown tremendously in 2009. Now Google (video) is offering the power of real time web searching to millions everyday. Although you may cringe when considering the personal implication of searching your updates and Twitter feeds, you can't deny the benefits to publicity and marketing. According to Nielsen, social media and blogs are now more popular than email. As marketers, this presents us with a great opportunity. Reader engagement is not only important in today's market, it is essential. Although your web site is important, a savvy marketer knows that a page on Facebook is even more important for interacting with fans and potential readers. With Google and Bing now offering real time search

Triangle Of Deception - Haggai Carmon

Book Description: How do you penetrate the world's most secretive and tightly knit terrorist organization? Dan Gordon's only option is deception. Working undercover in a joint CIA/Mossad mission, he's on the hunt for the source of funding to Hezbollah. He has infiltrated a Lebanese network in Paraguay, only to realize the operation is far more wide-ranging than he's been told. ©2009 My Review: This book reminded me of 24 the show. It had that same government/spy aspect. Although, I thought I would enjoy this book more than I did, while perusing its cover. I had no idea how much of the story was based on terrorism. This is a typical story of a double agent, and his terrorist ties. Since this is what is plastered all over the news and papers every day, it was tough to read about as fiction. Once I got over the subject matter, I found myself becoming submerged into the intrigue of the main character Dan. By the end of the book, I had forgotten how little I originally disli

Giveaway: The Undervalued Self

Book description: Elaine Aron follows up her bestsellers on the highly sensitive person with a groundbreaking new book on the undervalued self. She explains that self-esteem results from having a healthy balance of love and power in our lives. Readers will learn to incorporate love into situations that seem to require power and deal with power struggles that mask themselves as issues of love. From the bedroom to the boardroom, her strategies will enable us to escape feelings of shame, defeat, and depression; dissolve relationship hostility; and become our best selves. GIVEAWAY RULES: THANKS TO Anna & Hatchette Book Group, I HAVE 3 COPIES, OF THIS FABULOUS BOOK TO GIVE AWAY. HERE IS WHAT YOU NEED TO DO TO WIN A COPY! Mandatory: Comment leaving a valid email address to enter. +1 bonus entry if you are/become a follower (MUST BE PUBLIC PROFILE) Leave a separate comment to count. +1 Tweet or blog and leave link in separate comment. (One time, not daily) Open

Teaser Tuesday

Hosted by: * Grab your current read. * Let the book fall open to a random page. * Share with us two (2) “teaser” sentences from that page, somewhere between lines 7 and 12. * You also need to share the title of the book that you’re getting your “teaser” from…that way people can have some great book recommendations if they like the teaser you’ve given. * Please avoid spoilers! My Teaser: "I don't get it," said Bob, sounding embarrassed. "If he thinks he'd already been working for them, won't his association with the Hezbollah label his previous connection as bogus?" ~Page 78, Triangle of Deception - Haggai Carmon

Explained Myths & Legends

Book Description: Taking an original photographic approach to look in detail at certain topics, these four fascinating books provide deeper understanding and richer enjoyment of the worlds of architecture, art, famous artists, and myths and legends. * Looks into myths and legends of cultures from ancient Greece to Aboriginal Australia * Clear, informative text helps readers understand and appreciate the world of mythology * Features gloriously reproduced artworks and artifacts One of the world's leading experts on mythology and folklore, Neil Philip, Ph.D. has written more than 30 books, including DK's The Illustrated Book of Myths ©2007 My Review: Everyone has heard of a myth or legend, and wondered what is the real story behind it. This book is the most amazing look at various myths. There were even some I hadn't heard of, so that aspect, for me, is exactly what I want in a book. I love the layout of the book, complete with beautiful illustrations and photogra

Canadian Diabetes Association: Living With Diabetes

Book Description: Living with Diabetes is an authoritative, yet easy-to-understand guide to the causes and types of diabetes, the risk factors and symptoms, and how to manage the condition day-to-day written in conjunction with the Canadian Diabetes Association. The guide includes advice on diet, exercise and controlling blood glucose levels, together with information about the glycaemic index of various foods and covers all types of diabetes, and includes the special concerns of diabetes in children and teenagers. Clear step-by-step photographs illustrate key procedures such as injecting insulin. Reader-friendly and truly empowering, Living With Diabetes: A Practical Guide to Managing Your Health is an essential reference for people living with one of the world's fastest growing medical problems. ©2005 My Review: Being recently diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, I feel I need to learn everything I can about it, to further protect myself and take care of myself while I am young. When

Cupidity - Hayley & Michael DiMarco

Book Description: You’re a smart person. You really are. Most of the time. So why are you having such trouble making sense of your love life? Whether you’re single and wondering where your “one” could be hiding; head over heels in a new relationship and vowing that this time it’ll work; or finding that married life isn’t the thrilling adventure you’d once anticipated . . . you might be surprised to discover that the answer lies in your own ‘Cupidity’—stupid love. In this book, popular authors Hayley and Michael DiMarco identify 50 of the most common acts of Cupidity, ways to avoid them and learn from them, and some surprising things God has to say about relationships. With the help of their inside information, smart, successful love can be just around the corner. Author Bios: Hayley DiMarco is the best-selling author of more than 30 books, including Dateable and Marriable. She spent the early part of her career working for a little shoe company called Nike in Portland, Oregon. Af

Giveaway: The Moon Looked Down

Book description: The new Americana romance from bestselling author Dorothy Garlock, this time set against the backdrop of WWII. Sophie Heller's family immigrated from Germany to Victory, a small town in Illinois, before WWII began. Now that the war has affected the town, the townspeople discriminate against Sophie and her family. When a train derails, it is an accident but the Heller family is blamed. Coming to Sophie's rescue is a teacher from the high school, and despite their cultural differences, a romance starts to bloom. GIVEAWAY RULES: THANKS TO Anna & Hatchette Book Group, I HAVE 5 COPIES, OF THIS FABULOUS BOOK TO GIVE AWAY. HERE IS WHAT YOU NEED TO DO TO WIN A COPY! Mandatory: Comment leaving a valid email address to enter. +1 bonus entry if you are/become a follower (MUST BE PUBLIC PROFILE) Leave a separate comment to count. +1 Tweet or blog and leave link in separate comment. (One time, not daily) Open to US & CANADA SORRY NO P.O.