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January Monthly News

BOOKS READ: 1. The Cost of Dreams-Gary Stelzer (recommend) 2. Beautiful Mess-Diamond Rio 3. The Mudhogs-Dalton James 4. Men With Red Ties-Nastya Polikarpova 5. The Twitter Book-Tim O'Reilly 6. A Good Talk-Daniel Menaker 7. How To Be Famous-Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt 8. Ciao Italia-Mary Ann Esposito (cookbook) (recommend) 9. Rock 'N' Roll Confessions-Helena Danyluk (recommend) 10. The Basic Book of Digital Photography-Tom Grimm & Michelle Grimm (recommend) 11. Rice Cooker Meals:Fast Home Cooking For Busy People-Neal Bertrand 12. The Last Surgeon-Michael Palmer (HIGHLY recommend) 13. The DIY Bride Craft Countdown-Khris Cochran 14. Amish Friends Cookbook Vol 2-Wanda E. Brunstetter (recommend) 15. Money & Possessions-Kay & David Artur 16. Love To Love You Bradys-Susan Olsen & Ted Nichelson 17. The Paper Bag Christmas-Kevin Alan Milne (recommend) 18. Topless Prophet-Alan Markovitz 19. Egg-Larva-Pupa-Woman-Ogo Akubue-Ogbata (recommend) 2

Darwin's Nightmare - Mike Knowles

Book Description: Wilson spent his entire life under the radar. Few people knew who he was and even less knew how to find him. Only two people even knew what he really did. He worked jobs for one very bad man. Illegal jobs no one could ever know about. Wilson was invisible until the day he crossed the line and risked everything to save the last connection to humanity he had. One day changed everything. Wilson saved his friends and earned the hatred of a vengeful mob boss, a man who claimed he was Charles Darwin’s worst nightmare. Wilson survived his transgression and went even deeper into the underworld of Hamilton becoming a ghost in the city – an unknown to almost everyone until he was paid back for his one good deed. It started with a simple job. Steal a bag from the airport and hand it off. No one said what was in the bag, and no one mentioned who the real owners were or what they would do to get it back. One bag sets into motion a violent chain of events from which no one will esc

Egg-Larva-Pupa-Woman - Ogo Akubue-Ogbata

Book Description: Egg-Larva-Pupa-Woman is the story of a privileged young girl whose life is disrupted by a series of mysterious events and the loss of innocence as she knows it. Striving to survive in the politically charged colonial and post-independence Nigeria, she meets an aspiring diplomat with radical political views yet hopes that love will put her life back on course. However, love only complicates things. Her new husband asks for more than she knows how to give and the past is filled with shameful secrets that threaten to destroy everything. Set in the vibrant capital cities of Nigeria, Uganda, Sierra Leone and Britain, Egg-Larva-Pupa-Woman fearlessly chronicles the history of Africa’s most populous and complex country whilst tackling big themes such as ethnic identity, economic hardship, domestic violence, gender equality, political corruption, entrepreneurship and self actualization, as well as universal themes such as love, mother daughter relationships, betrayal and for

The Friday 56

Rules: * Grab the book nearest you. Right now. * Turn to page 56. * Find the fifth sentence. * Post that sentence (plus one or two others if you like) along with these instructions on your blog or (if you do not have your own blog) in the comments section of *Post a link along with your post back to Page 56, Sentence 5: I came in a week later, on a Monday, to find Steve ramming a man's head into the brass footrest of the bar.

The Names of God: An Illustrated Guide - George W. Knight

Book Description: New for Barbour's popular Bible reference line, a lavishly illustrated study of more than 200 names and titles of God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit. By veteran reference author, George W. Knight, The Names of God provides fascinating detail on scores of biblical names, from Abba, Advocate and amen to Wall of Fire, Way, and Word. Full-color illustrations expand upon the text, by portraying either biblical places and artifacts or modern-day images that bring the name or title into a contemporary light. It's a beautifully-packaged book that's perfect for personal study, group use, or even gift-giving. ©2009 My Review: What a well planned, and well thought out book. Quite fascinating to find so many variations of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I rather enjoyed learning the different terms and their meanings. I'm not sure where on earth I will ever use this information, but it was interesting to learn. If you are interested in religion, or

Kill Dress - John Young

Book Description: April, Joi, Nancy, Heather, and Kim were the best of friends. They were five beautiful and very attractive young ladies. They loved to hang out together and their favorite past time was going out to party at night clubs. They were all excellent dancers and could really shake it on the dance floor. After being dumped by her boyfriend, Kim was devastated and needed a vacation. Kim decided to accompany Joi on a vacation to Louisiana in order to relax and clear her mind. The two ladies discover an old woman whose ancient ancestors made dress garments for Queen Nefertari, Queen Cleopatra, and the Queen of Sheba. From ancient times a secret society of raiment makers used mysterious herbs and materials along with special religious rites to create incredibly woven dress garment for women royalty. This secret society upon pain of death was ordered never to reveal how the garments were made. The knowledge could only be passed down from mother to daughter. So strong was the bond

The American Journey of Barack Obama - The Editors of Life Magazine (audiobook)

Book Description: For decades Americans have turned to LIFE to understand, and remember the most important events and people of our time. Just as LIFE once opened up the glittering Kennedy White House, LIFE now focuses its lens on Barack Obama. The American Journey of Barack Obama covers the candidate from his childhood and adolescence to his time as editor of The Harvard Law Review and his Chicago activist years, culminating with the excitement and fervor of the historic 2008 Democratic National Convention. This audiobook includes a Foreword by Senator Edward M. About Author: LIFE has long been one of the country's pre-eminent publishers of periodicals and books, and is renowned for its presentation of photography. The editors who bring you THE AMERICAN JOURNEY OF BARACK OBAMA are the same who created One Nation: America Remembers September 11, 2001, also published by Little, Brown, which reached No. 1 on the New York Times bestseller list and was hailed by The Wall Street Journal

Topless Prophet - Alan Markovitz

Book Description: The True Story of America’s Most Successful Gentlemen’s Club Entrepreneur offers a rare glimpse into the world of gentlemen’s clubs, taking us behind the scenes of the operations of one of the nation’s most successful club owners. Where other books provide insight on the scandalous side of strippers, escorts, and x-rated entertainment, Topless Prophet is as much a business book and autobiography of an ingenious entrepreneur as it is an exploration of what goes into staying on top of an industry filled with cut-throat competition, corruption, celebrities, and beautiful women who make a living dancing. In this moving memoir of Alan Markovitz, who owns several Penthouse Gentlemen’s Clubs and the country’s No. 1 ranked adult entertainment club (The Ultimate Strip Club List ( ), The Flight Club, we are treated to a first-hand account of a Detroit businessman who has helped change and grow an industry while overcoming many challenges, some life-threatening, so

"Waste Not, Want Not" and Make it Delicious!

By Lidia Matticchio Bastianich and Tanya Bastianich Manuali, Author of Lidia Cooks from the Heart of Italy: A Feast of 175 Regional Recipes There is no more appropriate time than now to think about how and why we cook. Food is a way of connecting with the people who surround us. Through it, we communicate emotions like love, compassion and understanding, and there is no better opportunity to communicate with our children than at the table. It's where we can discuss our values of life that are important to us as individuals, as a family and as a part of the world we live in. As overconsumption and greed have come to haunt us, now is a time for reflection. We should be looking back at the generations before us to understand their approach to the table. Growing food, shepherding animals, foraging for the gifts of nature is all part of respecting food. Nothing needs to be wasted. Bread can be recycled and used in soups, casseroles, lasagnas and desserts. Water is carefully conserv

Teaser Tuesday

Hosted by: * Grab your current read. * Let the book fall open to a random page. * Share with us two (2) “teaser” sentences from that page, somewhere between lines 7 and 12. * You also need to share the title of the book that you’re getting your “teaser” from…that way people can have some great book recommendations if they like the teaser you’ve given. * Please avoid spoilers! My Teaser: 'This is the one I won after I sprained my right leg during the heats," her face shone as she sat up, "but I never gave up, did I Kiki?I kept fighting and fighting until I took first place.' It made no difference whether Nkiru answered or not. ~Page 66, Egg-Larva-Pupa-Woman - Ogo Akubue-Ogbata

Giveaway: Are You A Confident Woman - Joyce Meyer

Book description: What keeps women from being their best? Joyce has been helping women better themselves by helping identify emotional barriers and physical, mental, and spiritual obstacles in their lives for years. Now she provides another answer-confidence. Our society has an insecurity epidemic, women in particular. Compensating by pretending to be secure-a common response-only leads to feelings of shame. Lack of self-confidence causes great difficulty in relationships of all kinds, and in marriage instances can even lead to divorce. In THE CONFIDENT WOMAN, Joyce explores the seven characteristics of a woman with confidence, which include a woman who knows she is loved, who refuses to live in fear, and who does not live by comparisons. Joyce explains that confidence stems from being positive in your actions and living honestly, but most importantly from having faith, in God and in ourselves. GIVEAWAY RULES: THANKS TO Valerie, I HAVE 3 COPIES, OF THIS FABULOUS BOOK TO

The Friday 56

Rules: * Grab the book nearest you. Right now. * Turn to page 56. * Find the fifth sentence. * Post that sentence (plus one or two others if you like) along with these instructions on your blog or (if you do not have your own blog) in the comments section of *Post a link along with your post back to Page 56, Sentence 5: Every breath hurt like hell.

Die Fairy Die!

By Howard J. Morris, Coauthor of Women Are Crazy, Men Are Stupid: The Simple Truth to a Complicated Relationship The tooth fairy officially died at my house on a Friday night. The death was called at eight thirty-three pacific standard time on June 12, 2009. The death was accidental. She wasn't caught in a slammed door or stepped on or anything quite that dramatic or squishy. It was a slip of the tongue that did her in. And of course the tongue that slipped was mine. It should be noted that her death was not greeted with tears and the anguished cries of innocence lost. No, it was actually welcomed by my son, Dustin, with a certain callousness, and frankly, more than a touch of glee. It was kind of like he was waiting to kill her off. So it goes with a nine-year-old boy. After discovering the corpse and unraveling the big mystery, he then declared his investigative skills on par with those of the great Encyclopedia Brown. It coincided with another fine "graduation" day for

Digital Reality by Jay Slosar (Author of The Culture In Excess)

The exploitation of their children by the balloon boy parents points out the changing reality of child development today. The parents wanted to be on a "reality" show. Reality is now defined within a technological and digital world of screen media, programmed for a new type of “success”. We become lost in this new reality and it takes over our judgment, decision making and behavior. And it starts early. More than 80 percent of teens play online games. More than 50 percent download music and more than 75 percent get their news online. More than 40 percent have made purchases online. Multiplayer online games (MMORPGs), role-playing fantasy games in which players “connect” with others using fictional characters and adventures, are the rage. World of Warcraft (WoW), considered the most popular MMORPG, has 11 million subscribers worldwide. Countless other games are available with huge followings. The industry continues to grow, despite the economy, and in 2008 topped $21 b

The Paper Bag Christmas - Kevin Alan Milne

Book Description: Dr. Christopher Ringle is the last person you'd expect to find moonlighting as Santa Claus at the mall on the day after Thanksgiving. But it is there that he meets a young man named Molar Alan, who desperately needs a new perspective on the underlying value of Christmas. Dr. Ringle recruits Mo and his older brother as volunteers at a nearby children's hospital for the holiday season. At the hospital, Mo is tasked to help bring holiday cheer to the young cancer patients on the fifth floor. His biggest challenge is befriending a decidedly angry girl who is so embarrassed by her scarred appearance that she hides her face behind the safety of a paper bag. About Author: Kevin Alan Milne earned an MBA at Pennsylvania State University. Born in Portland, Oregon, Milne grew up in the nearby quiet country town of Sherwood, Oregon, where he currently resides with his wife and five children. This is his first novel. ©2006 My Take on the Book: A fantastic story, not just o

Teaser Tuesday

Hosted by: * Grab your current read. * Let the book fall open to a random page. * Share with us two (2) “teaser” sentences from that page, somewhere between lines 7 and 12. * You also need to share the title of the book that you’re getting your “teaser” from…that way people can have some great book recommendations if they like the teaser you’ve given. * Please avoid spoilers! My Teaser: Time, however, was of the essence because his liver was beginning to show serious signs of failure. Without a new liver in the next few months, Madhu's chances of recovery diminished significantly. ~Page 47, The Paper Bag Christmas - Kevin Alan Milne

Angel and Apostle - Deborah Noyes

Book Description: At the end of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s classic novel, The Scarlet Letter, we know that Pearl, the elf-child daughter of Hester Prynne, is somewhere in Europe, comfortable, well set, a mother herself now. But it could not have been easy for her to arrive at such a place, when she begins life as the bastard child of a woman publicly humiliated, again and again, in an unrelentingly judgmental Puritan world. With a brilliant and authentic sense of that time and place, Deborah Noyes envisions the path Pearl takes to make herself whole and to carve her place in the New World. Beautifully written with boundless compassion, Angel and Apostle is a heart-rending and imaginative debut in which Noyes masterfully makes Hawthorne’s character her own. About Author: Angel and Apostle is Deborah Noyes’ first novel. Her short fiction and reviews have appeared in The Threepenny Review, The Boston Sunday Globe, Seventeen, The Washington Post Book World, The Chicago Sun-Times, Stories, The M

Love to Love You Bradys - Susan Olsen & Ted Nichelson

Book Description: LOVE TO LOVE YOU BRADYS hits bookstores in September, coinciding with the 40th anniversary of the broadcast of the premiere episode of The Brady Bunch sit-com. Authors Ted Nichelson, Lisa Sutton and Susan Olsen,aka Cindy Brady (the youngest of the Brady clan), offer an insightful and entertaining tale about one of the biggest disasters in TV history. Via hundreds of never-before-published photos and interviews of Brandy Bunch insiders, Love to Love You Bradys showcases how the rarely seen "Brady Bunch Variety Hour," starring America's quintessential family, was conceived, produced and abandoned. ©2009 My Take on the Book: Well the variety show might not have been very good, but the book is. A informative and interesting look at the Brady Brunch Variety show and all its cast members. I really enjoyed the book. There were many things that I had no clue. I'm sure most people will learn something new a

Money and Possessions: The Quest for Contentment - Kay Arthur & David Arthur

Book Description: Discover God's view of material wealth along with the truth about where money comes from and how we're to handle it in Money and Possessions: The Quest for Contentment. Six lessons for small group study include instructions, leader's notes and Bible passages right in the book. People who are interested in learning what the Bible says through inductive study but have a limited amount of time can study together with the other members during group time. No homework is involved. ©2004 My Take on the Book: It took longer than 6 weeks for me to complete, mostly because it wasn't that interesting. I did complete it, and feel the same as I did before. The bible study is quite interesting and enjoyable, but I don't think pointing out how bad greed is again and again is going to make people not over-spend. That's just preaching, and who wants that in a book?! If you want to learn bible study, and how to curb greed, then this book will adjust your moral

Amish Friends Cookbook Volume 2 - Wanda E. Brunstetter

Book Description: Bring home-cooked dishes from the heart of Amish country into your kitchen with Wanda E. Brunstetter’s Amish Friends Cookbook Volume 2. With recipes divided into sections including breads and rolls, desserts, main dishes, salads and sides, jams and jellies—and more!—you’ll find only the best of home cooking between the pages of this delightful book. For more information: ©2009 My Take on the Book: I love this cookbook! I made the Goulash and it was fantastic, easy to make too. I think this cookbook will be a long-time favorite in my home! I highly suggest you get a copy for yourselves!! On my recommendation list. Goulash, Page 149 (Adapted by me, to suit me.) The recipe called for tomato sauce in a can, or tomato juice. I used real tomato sauce, my family makes every year. Also it calls for canned mushrooms... I used fresh. Heck, I used fresh everything! That's the way to go! All ingredients in saucepan, and now si

The Friday 56

Rules: * Grab the book nearest you. Right now. * Turn to page 56. * Find the fifth sentence. * Post that sentence (plus one or two others if you like) along with these instructions on your blog or (if you do not have your own blog) in the comments section of *Post a link along with your post back to Page 56, Sentence 5: I told how her strength seeped away and her neck seemed broken and how, at such times, I had to rouse and dress her, though her glazed eyes were Hell's windows.

The DIY Bride Crafty Countdown - Khris Cochran

Book Description: If you're planning a wedding, it's probably the most complicated event you'll ever need to orchestrate. From invitations and decorations to flower arrangements, centerpieces and goody bags, there's a lot to manage -- and each one has its own (often surprising) price tag. That's why this unique do-it-yourself wedding planner is perfect for the stylish bride-to-be, with charming craft projects that will add a distinct touch of personality to your wedding -- and help you save a few bucks along the way. In this hip, budget-friendly guide, Khris Cochran presents 40 original, affordable, time-saving projects in the popular countdown format brides on a deadline love. Here are just a few of the crafty, creative projects you'll find. * Edible, save-the-date cards * Hand-stamped cocktail napkins * Bead-and-lace bridal slippers * Feather boutonnière for the groom * Super-cool "Just Married" sign In her engaging, straightforwa

The Last Surgeon - Michael Palmer

Book Description: Michael Palmer’s latest novel pits a flawed doctor against a ruthless psychopath, who has made murder his art form. Dr. Nick Garrity, a vet suffering from PTSD—post traumatic stress disorder—spends his days and nights dispensing medical treatment from a mobile clinic to the homeless and disenfranchised in D.C. and Baltimore. In addition, he is constantly on the lookout for his war buddy Umberto Vasquez, who was plucked from the streets by the military four years ago for a secret mission and has not been seen since. Psych nurse Jillian Coates wants to find her sister’s killer. She does not believe that Belle Coates, an ICU nurse, took her own life, even though every bit of evidence indicates that she did—every bit save one. Belle has left Jillian a subtle clue that connects her with Nick Garrity. Together, Nick and Jillian determine that one-by-one, each of those in the operating room for a fatally botched case is dying. Their discoveries pit them against genius Fran

Blog Tour: Topless Prophet - Alan Markovitz

Join Alan Markovitz, author of the gritty memoir, Topless Prophet, (AM Productions), as he virtually tours the blogosphere in January and February 2010 on his first virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book Promotion! About Alan Markovitz: Markovitz’s story begins with humble roots growing up in the Jewish middle class neighborhood of Oak Park, Michigan, the son of a television repair shop owner. We come to learn of the vision, grit and gumption that he possesses – and is very much needed – to succeed in business. He starts out as a kid in a candy store, working the bar for the neighborhood strip club as a teenager. Markovitz befriends the owner and seeks him out as a business partner when he ventures out to buy his first club at age 22. From there on we see him come back stronger from every challenge, crisis, or adversity along the way to establishing himself at the top of the topless business. Markovitz overcame many unique circumstances, including when he: * Had to testify a

Rice Cooker Meals: Fast Home Cooking for busy people (cookbook) - Neal Bertrand

Book Description: Enjoy delicious, multicultural recipes that are less expensive and healthier than fast food. Includes Mexican, Italian, Tex-Mex and Cajun recipes! And one-pot cooking means less mess to clean up! You’ll see how easy it is to cook jambalayas, seafood dishes, pastas, “casseroles”, soups, rice side dishes, and various vegetable recipes including potatoes, cabbage, and sweet potatoes. “IN A RICE COOKER?” Yes, they’re all cooked in a rice cooker. Here are a few recipes from the book: *Easy Chili *Mexican Rice *Tex-Mex Pasta *Shrimp Jambalaya *Cajun Pepper Steak *Chicken Fried Rice *Rice & Shrimp Pilaf *Black-eyed Pea & Sausage Jambalaya In short, Rice Cooker Meals offers a time-saving alternative to conventional cooking. With this cookbook you can prepare a traditional home-cooked meal – all in one rice cooker. If you want to cook a worry-free, quick, flavorful meal that doesn’t heat up your whole kitchen or use all your pots, Rice Cooker Meals: Fast

Teaser Tuesday

Hosted by: * Grab your current read. * Let the book fall open to a random page. * Share with us two (2) “teaser” sentences from that page, somewhere between lines 7 and 12. * You also need to share the title of the book that you’re getting your “teaser” from…that way people can have some great book recommendations if they like the teaser you’ve given. * Please avoid spoilers! My Teaser: The man made no attempt to resist. Nick was preparing to start an IV when Junie opened Campbell's chart and pointed to a section. ~ Page 42, The Last Surgeon by Michael Palmer

The Basic Book of Digital Photography - Tom Grimm & Michelle Grimm

Book Description: The Basic Book of Digital Photography is the definitive guide to the expansive world of digital photography from two of the field's most established authorities. Tom Grimm and Michele Grimm steer photographers through the new era of digital imaging. This comprehensive handbook covers how to compose the best shots with cameras ranging from point-and-shoot to the increasingly popular SLR (single lens reflex) models, and takes you through the steps to improve, display, and preserve your images. You'll learn most everything there is to know about digital photography, including: * Which camera is best for your needs * Ways to store your image files and share them on the Internet * Techniques for editing and improving your photos with computer software * How to record video clips on your digital camera and use your camera phone With its lively text, more than four hundred helpful photos and illustrations, and an extensive glossary, The Basic Book of Digital

Rock N Roll Confessions: Book 1 - Helena Danyluk

Book Description: A shocking and intriguing story of lovers destined to be together as he climbs his way to the top of the Rock N Roll Industry; they struggle to stay together and away from each other. Warning~Explicit language. ©2009 My Take on the Book: From the look over the cover and the title, I expected something different. I am happy to say that I'm impressed with what I got though. A intensely hot and erotic glimpse into a rockstar's life, but more than that, the women who love them. I really think all romance junkies out there need to check this book out! ~ I was not compensated for this post. This review is my honest opinion. ~

Giveaway: LOVE IN 90 DAYS By Dr. Diana Kirschner, PhD

Book description: Finding true love is possible in just 90 days. Renowned clinical psychologist, Dr. Diana Kirschner, uses the latest research, clinical and personal experience to show you how. Dr. Diana knows the questions single women everywhere face: "Why am I attracted to the wrong kind of guys?" "Why is he just not that into me?" "Why can't I seem to find the One?" She also knows the unconscious mistakes that women make over and over again in love-regardless of age, work success, or the type of men they are dating. Over the years Dr. Diana has received countless inquiries from single women about writing a how-to guide on her work. Love in 90 Days: The Essential Guide to Finding Your Own True Love is that book. Love in 90 Days is fun, savvy and based on the latest research on singles, online dating and healthy relationships. Loaded with step-by-step instructions, checklists, and weekly homework assignments, this revolutionary love bo

Ciao Italia - Mary Ann Esposito

Book Description: In Mary Ann Esposito's new book, Ciao Italia Five-Ingredient Favorites, she shows home cooks how to turn just five ingredients into an easy, delicious, and economical Italian dish for the family dinner table. Mary Ann Esposito knows that the genius behind great Italian cooking is the simple philosophy of using just a few quality ingredients to create something delicious. In Ciao Italia Five-Ingredient Favorites she shows home cooks how to make that philosophy work for them so that they can save time and money without sacrificing flavor. With seventy-five authentic Italian recipes -- from antipasti to pastas, main courses to desserts -- Esposito draws on the Italian culinary tradition of simplicity in the kitchen to create such effortless and tasty dishes as: * Prosciutto di Parma, Fontina, and Fig Wraps * Spicy Soppressata Tartlets * Cheesy Stuffed Meatballs * Pistachio-Dusted Pork Chops * Oven-Poached Halibut with Shallot and Fennel * Escarole Salad with