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Donald James Parker

Donald James Parker, of Sword of the Spirit Publishing is a guest on the blog today. I have some Questions and Answers to share with all of you readers. All of his works are pictured below. As well as links to peruse, learn or purchase his works.
Reforming the Potter's Clay
Love Waits
Homeless Like Me
The Masterson Family Series: Angels of Interstate 29
The Bulldog Compact
More Than Dust in the Wind
All the Voices in the Wind
All the Stillness of the Wind
All the Fury of the Wind

Q & A
1. Tell us a bit about yourself.
-->I wrote my first book in 1980 but gave up writing in . . . drum roll . . . 1980. It seems that God wasn't ready for my retirement. In 2006, I had a dream experience where I thought I heard a voice telling me to write a book about evolution. I went right back to sleep, but in the morning I went to prayer and said "Lord, did you ask me to write a book about evolution last night?" As clear as a bell, a small still inaudible voice said "And when you're done with that, I want you to go after Harry Potter and the sexual revolution." As a result, I got back into the writing game but with an entirely different motivation. I'm not writing for fame, fortune, or anything else personal. All that stuff is dust in the wind. My focus is on bringing God's truth to the people who have the ears to hear it. I've exposed evolution in several of my books and gone after Harry Potter in Reforming the Potter's Clay. Now I'm going after the sexual revolution. 2. When did you realize you wanted to write? -->Probably about twelve. Incessant reading for pleasure was the principal motivation. I never really wrote as a child so I'll spare you any puerile samples. 3. Tell us a bit about your books. -->My books are mostly straight arrow type stuff, though my characters may speak a bit realistically at times and use what some consider vulgar language. I try to tone that down, but I do want a degree of reality in my writing to help contrast the hero, before and after his epiphany or between the guy in the white hat and the one in the black hat. I use lots of humor (I've been accused of being a stand up comedian using printed media to deliver the jokes. I've also been accused of being corny. My specialty is bantering. I love my characters to verbally spar, in a loving manner usually. I strive to have good win the day and most of the loose ends wrapped up with a happiness bow when The End comes around, but I have had a couple of somewhat sad endings. I almost have to include at least one romance in my book, chaste and honorable. Violence, sex, and other objectionable things are usually just alluded to or minimized. And all of them have Biblical truth woven in as object lessons or as experiences that the characters undergo helping them renew their minds and transform their lives. 4. Where do you like to write, and what is your writing process? -->I write by the seat of my pants. I plan almost nothing. My favorite tactic is to blitz the book and spend from 4:00 AM to to 10:00 PM just typing as the story comes to me. I don't recommend this technique to anyone. People have suggested that I have a Holy Ghost writer. I don't argue because I have no explanation how I can just sit down and type and come up with a story that is pleasing to people, especially modern teens who I really can't relate to at all. 5. Who are your favorite Authors? -->Mark Twain, Leon Uris, O' Henry, Frank Peretti, James Scott Bell, Tosca Lee, Trish Perry, Nicolas Sparks, Phillip E. Johnson, David Berlinski. I'll stop there, but suffice it to say it's hard to limit the list. 6. Have any Writers influenced you as a Writer? -->Not consciously. I think Hemingway had some impact because he proved you did not have to write flowery description to produce a masterpiece. 7. Where do you get ideas for new books? -->From life, news stories, current issues, past experience. I have no problem dredging up plots. Finding time to finish them is my problem. I think I have a list of 20 plots waiting in the wings. 8. What are you working on now, if anything? -->I'm writing what I think is a powerful story about a basketball coach involved in a ministry to American Indians on the reservation. It combines some romance (always), some sports (most of the time) and some theology (always). 9. What do you do outside of writing? -->Not much beside my 40 hour a week job as a computer programmer. I devote some time to church, prayer, exercise, and sleeping, but the majority of the rest of my waking hours is spent in some facet of writing – doing editorials, writing reviews, researching, marketing, promoting, and sometimes even working on a novel. 10. What are you currently reading? -->I am reading everything I can get my hands on concerning healing and miracles. I'm reading about Heidi Baker, Bill Johnson, Sid Roth and others who operate in the gift of the miraculous. It's kind of hard to get into fiction when truth is not only stranger than fiction but more interesting. 11. Any advice for new Authors? --> -->Get out while you can … unless you're willing to sacrifice your time, beat your head against the wall, and suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous reviews and seemingly relentless rejection. This is not a business for the faint hearted. But once you're convinced you have the talent to do this, never give up. Study the craft and learn the mechanics but never get locked into cookie cutter manuscripts. Don't let the world take away your uniqueness and the special voice that only you can bring to the choir of literature. My thoughts and comments I want to thank Donald James Parker for being a guest on my blog. It has been a delight getting to know him, and his works. I hope we were able to peak your curiosity, and maybe tantalize your senses into reading some of his books. Or even give you a tip or two in your own writing.


  1. very nice blog,and i will check out some of these books

    nikki m. san fran california


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