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The Prince And The Troll - Rainbow Rowell (38)

ASIN: ‎  B08L626591 Publisher: ‎  Amazon Original Stories (December 15, 2020) Kindle: ‎  3937 KB Print: ‎  26 pages AMAZON A charming everyman and a mysterious something-under-the-bridge cross paths in a short fairy tale by the number one New York Times bestselling author of Eleanor & Park and the Simon Snow series. It’s fate when a man accidentally drops his phone off the bridge. It’s fortune when it’s retrieved by a friendly shape sloshing in the muck underneath. From that day forward, as they share a coffee every morning, an unlikely friendship blooms. Considering the reality for the man above, where life seems perfect, and that of the sharp-witted creature below, how forever after can a happy ending be? The Prince and the Troll is part of Faraway, a collection of retold fairy tales that take the happily-ever-after in daring new directions. Whether read or listened to in one sitting, prepare to be charmed, moved, enlightened, and frightened all over again. Rainbow Rowell is the
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The #Friday56 & #Instagram56

Welcome to week 547! RULES: *Grab a book, any book. *Turn to Page 56 or 56% on your  ereader . If you have to improvise, that is okay. *Find a snippet, short and sweet. *Post it, and  add the url to your post in the Linky below . If you don't link up, we may not know to visit. Also join in the fun on Instagram using the hashtags #Instagram56 #Friday56   Happy weekend to you all! Check out this read on  Amazon . Read  my review . Here is my 56... View this post on Instagram A post shared by Freda Mans (@fredasphotos) Book Beginnings leave your links in the comments if you didn't join in the Friday 56. Q:  Are you more willing to read traditionally published books than self-published (indie) books? Or do you not have a preference? A:  I don't have a preference. I've read a ton of amazing self-published stories. Remember Fifty Shades of Grey? Not a big house publisher people!!! A great read too! Actually the only erotica book that I've really enjo

Mare Of Easttown Season 1

  AVAILABLE NOW! ASIN ‏ : ‎  B0986DHDVV AMAZON Kate Winslet stars in this limited series as a small-town Pennsylvania detective who investigates a local murder as her own life crumbles around her.  Also starring Julianne Nicholson, Jean Smart, Angourie Rice, Evan Peters, Cailee Spaeny, David Denman, John Douglas Thompson, Patrick Murney, Ben Miles, James McArdle, Sosie Bacon, Joe Tippett and Neal Huff. REVIEW: This is an incredible series that murder mystery lovers will really enjoy.  The hubby watched some of the series with me, and that was surprising. Dramatic mysteries are not really his thing, but at times he was rapt. He even commented at the end that this was a fantastic show that he was surprised at himself for liking. The subject matter is not an easy one to digest, but when done properly such as this series, you will find yourself immersed in the story. Wanting to know the who, why, when and where. The hubby did walk away at a couple of moments that were hard to watch. After

#Win Over It - Kelsey Grimm (US)

Kelsey Grimm is known by most, as a singer/artist alongside her husband Caleb, in their duo Caleb + Kelsey. She is mama to their two precious boys, Emmett age 3 and Beckett, age 1. Kelsey considers herself a stay-at-home mom as the majority of her time is spent raising her babies and making the house a home in their hometown of Nashville. She is also fervent about marriage and the quest for true intimacy with the person you’re doing life closest with. It’s hard and messy but 100% worth fighting for. Kelsey and her husband Caleb have planted roots at a church home in Nashville that has provided a place for them to heal, serve, and grow deeper in their ever changing and evolving relationships with Jesus. Connect with Kelsey at Twitter , Instagram and TikTok ! HARDCOVER / ISBN-13:  9781546015666 USD:  $26   /    CAD:  $33 ON SALE: September 21st 2021 GENRE :  Mind, Body, Spirit  /  Religion  /  Christian Life  /  Personal Growth  /  Christian Living  /  Personal Growth PAGE COUNT:  272 A

All Adults Here - Emma Straub (37)

ASIN: ‎  B07YRVH8NN Publisher: ‎  Riverhead Books (May 4 2020) Kindle: ‎  2704 KB Print: ‎  366 pages AMAZON When Astrid Strick witnesses a school bus accident in the center of town, it jostles loose a repressed memory from her young parenting days decades earlier. Suddenly, Astrid realizes she was not quite the parent she thought she'd been to her three, now-grown children. But to what consequence? Astrid's youngest son is drifting and unfocused, making parenting mistakes of his own. Her daughter is pregnant yet struggling to give up her own adolescence. And her eldest seems to measure his adult life according to standards no one else shares. But who gets to decide, so many years later, which long-ago lapses were the ones that mattered? Who decides which apologies really count? It might be that only Astrid's thirteen-year-old granddaughter and her new friend really understand the courage it takes to tell the truth to the people you love the most. In All Adults Here, Emma S